Experience the Brand Story (Amsterdam)

Your first thought may be, who needs another bike store in Amsterdam – the bicycle capital of the world. Well, let us be the first to tell you that from our experience – people want more than just a two-wheeled ride. They’re after a bike with a story. And, the Lekker story, is one that certainly excites. A young Dutch fellow heads abroad to the sandy shores of Australia to introduce Aussies to Dutch cycling culture. The result? They’ve been hooked ever since.


Lekker Bikes Amsterdam Brand Store


So without further ado, we think it’s now time to introduce you to our very own Amsterdam-based store. Situated amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, in the heart of the Netherlands’ capital known for its rich artistic heritage, elaborate canal systems and narrow houses. Our shop is not just your average bike shop though – it’s been fitted out specifically with our customers in mind. Boasting a minimalistic layout rather than bursting at the seams with bikes, it’s been carefully curated to showcase our premium goods, and to give you an overview of the collection without bombarding you with bikes within every square inch of the store. Lekker is also not just your average bike brand, as it continues to move toward becoming a lifestyle brand, offering merchandise such as t-shirts, and caps. Not surprising that many customers pop in just to buy the Lekker cap, simply because they love the brand.


The Amsterdam store opened in 2014, just two years on from the very first brand store in Melbourne, Australia. It’s located in the heart of the city, on the Prinsengracht 380, sitting on a very visible corner – great for those wandering by.

The busy streets surrounding, are bustling with locals and tourists alike, with the famous “nine streets” just around the corner, offering a range of boutique shops and restaurants. If you do happen to find yourself hanging around late in the area, then Leidseplein is the place to go, with some spots to dance into the early hours of the next morning.



On arrival to the store you’ll be greeted by non-other, than the store manager, Anton. He’ll not only greet you with a wider-than-life smile, but he’ll also go out of his way to help you with whatever it is that you’ll need. Whether it’s directions around town, a new tyre-tube because it’s turned flat, or even a gift you’re needing to buy for your bike-enthused friend – he’s the man to help you out. His passion about bikes and his friendly nature, will ensure you leave the shop not only with the perfect solution to your problem, but with a smile to go with it. If it’s a full fit-out you’re in need of, he’s the man to give you the time you’ll need – to ensure you’ll leave with a ride that fits just like a glove.


Lekker Bikes Amsterdam Brand Store


The shop is open every day, except for on Sundays. As like you and me, Anton too needs a rest every now and then. From the outside looking in, you’ll notice our very cute Lekker Minis hanging inside the window. If you manage to get past them without snapping an Instagram – well-done, we must say. Within the store you’ll find our feature wall, fitted with a variety of leather goods such as saddles and grips both in brown and black. We’ve also made sure to keep on display each Lekker model, so you’ll of course have no issues when it comes to spotting and testing out your very own perfectly suited ride.



On the topic of rides, we thought that it may be helpful to give you some insight into two of our best-selling bikes. Ones that we feel, are definitely worth mentioning. Our Amsterdam Elite – Nuvinci, and our Jordaan models. The Amsterdam Elite in our opinion is the must-have bike – as it can do far more than simply take you from A to B. It’s not only a statement of style, but also contains the latest Nuvinci Gear Hub technology – providing you with seamless switching of gears whilst in motion. Adding to this, the Gates Carbon Drive system, and you have yourself a silent, maintenance and grease-free bike that can take you virtually anywhere you choose. Those who see it in-store are intrigued, and indeed what it’s capable of too.


Our Jordaan model is also extremely popular. It’s the one bike that can cater for every aspect of your life. Whether you’re a mother, or father taking your children to school, a student heading through town to get to a university lecture, or simply someone who wants to get out into the fresh air – with seven gears, it offers the utmost ease and comfort for both long and short distances – you’re able to conquer any terrain regardless of the how hilly it may be.


We here at Lekker hope the above article provided you some insight into our Amsterdam store and the exciting world of Lekker Bikes. As we continue to expand and offer our services, we hope you’ll become a part of the Lekker story. If you would like to find out more about any of our bikes or other products, we invite you to jump online at lekkerbikes.com. Or, of course pop into one of our brand stores and we’d love to chat about how we can help you explore the exciting world of bikes.

Happy and safe riding,


The Lekker Team.