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E-Amsterdam 2nd Gen Commuter eBike

It’s here!
After a successful launch, new stock of the E-Amsterdam 2nd Gen Satin Black is now available for Australia. 

Limited Stock Available.

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The E-Amsterdam

Launching: The new and improved E-Amsterdam 2nd Gen Series. The new and improved E-Amsterdam 2nd Gen Satin Back, is now available in Australia. With an extensive list of improvements, the 2nd Gen is perhaps our biggest release this summer! Find an improved frame design, fully integrated and battery connected LED light system, striking Satin Black finish and durable and comfortably WTB Horizon road tyres.

Limited stock available: Don’t miss it!

Setting new Standards

The E-Amsterdam offers nothing else than unrestricted and effortless freedom to ride your city, supported by a powerful and reliable machine. No more sweat, stress or endless traffic jams. The E-Amsterdam is designed as a sturdy and fully equipped e-bike for daily use, perfected for Australian roads. The 2nd Gen is our newest contender. Consulted by our riders we have been able to improve our newest E-Amsterdam. Expect a fully integrated front and rear light, powered by the battery. New and improved geometry and sizing specifically for the Australian market and a premium tyre choice with the WTB all-terrain tyres. Available in a Satin Matte Black finish.

Upgrate to perfection: Experience the magic of the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system on your E-Amsterdam. Advanced urethane technology delivers weather resistance, all while being flexible and durable. The system is created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cods and operates in virtual silence. Turns heads for all the right reasons.