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LEKKER x Helen

Being a mum of two small children, the moments where I feel superhuman are as nonexistent as the ability to take a pee...

Scott O'Brien Humense
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LEKKER x Scott

A toy gifted by his grandfather would transport Scott to different parts of the world at age 3. The start of what would...

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Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” For Josh Howard, Founder of Single Use...

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LEKKER x Chris

How do you break out of your routine, de-stress, and get creative? Founder of Icon Agency and lover of all things tech Chris...

Man on concrete blue LEKKER Amsterdam+ eBike

How do eBikes work?

  We are all about eBikes! It gets you out of traffic and brings you anywhere at any time, just like a conventional...

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LEKKER x Simone

  Imagine the sound of the tinkering bike gears as you ride down the cobblestone pathway, winding through the tall traditional Dutch houses...

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LEKKER x Simon

Simon is on the final stretch of finishing his law degree, he is working a full-time job and he balances that with quality...

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LEKKER Journal – Copenhagen

The LEKKER Journal – a blog series sharing our favourite bike trips and routes in different cities across the world. Highlighting the benefits...