8 Reasons to buy at LEKKER Bicycles


Premium Dutch Design

With our bikes, we are able to bring that unique touch of Amsterdam to every cities’ doorstep. We have seamlessly paired elements taken from our unique Dutch cycling heritage with modern-day technology. It’s our international upbringing in Australia that has taught us to find the perfect blend to reach the international cyclist. With a simplified, no-nonsense portfolio of eBikes, suited to the wants and needs of the international cyclist, we enable a new way of inner-city travel, to rediscover the joy of riding a bike, the Amsterdam way.


Smart Shipping

98% – Full roadworthy bike delivered to your home.

An option for our conventional (non-eBikes) bikes and a standard shipping method for our eBikes. This means that your bike is already assembled at our assembly facility in Melbourne. All our eBikes are tested and carefully packed. At arrival, you simply fit the pedals, adjust the handlebar and saddle. If your bicycle comes with a front carrier rack or additional accessories these will need to be installed at delivery. But we’re always available to assist.

85% – Smaller box, lower shipping costs.

You will need to assemble the front wheel, pedals, steering and seat yourself. You also need to check the brakes and gear system.

Both options have their benefits. We like to emphasize that the “85%” bikes must be assembled by a skilled mechanic or someone with good technical understanding. If there is damage caused by incorrect assembly, it will not be covered by our guarantee. Besides this, it could also make the bike unsafe to ride. Do not neglect to maintain your bike after buying it. Make sure to check the chain every so often and bring your bike to a mechanic once every 6 months.

Note: This option is not available for our eBike range.


14-day return

We offer a 14-day return-free policy. No questions asked! You have a good two weeks to try your bicycle and if your not happy please let us know. Simply send us an email at info.au@lekkerbikes.com. We do strongly advise to keep the box in case you have doubts, as this will simplify the return shipment massively, and saves some double packing. You’ll receive a prepaid returns label and you can schedule a pick-up at a time which suits you.


Zip Money & AfterPay - Ride Now, Pay Later

We want you to purchase a premium quality bicycle so you can enjoy every single ride for years to come. For this reason we offer two different payment methods for you; Zip Money or AfterPay. Expect no hidden fees, or unfair interest terms. Both services are transparant, quick and easy to setup. Simply get what you deserve.


Built to last

We can’t stress it enough: we strive to offer a long-lasting positive cycling experience. Our bikes come with 100% aluminium lightweight frames and rust-free components – without any hidden surprises. What you see is what you get. Expect premium components, reliable Shimano gearing features and a comfortable up-right seating position. Ride like a king!


Premium 2 year warranty

LEKKER International BV offers a 2-year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our different models on the day of purchase. This guarantee is only for replaceable components. Our warranty is not transferable and can only be used by the original buyer of a LEKKER product. If you want to use the warranty, please ensure you have your receipt and go to the original shop in which you made your purchase.

There are cases where our warranty is void. Our guarantee does not cover wear and tear, incorrect assembly or maintenance. There is no warranty in case of; damage caused by accidents, improper use or negligence. Also in case of changes made to the original design.


One size fits almost all

Always find a bike that fits you comfortably. Our bicycles are designed with simplicity in mind and fit a wide range of riders. As long as you are no shorter than 150cm and no taller than 210cm, we will have a LEKKER Bicycle perfect for you. We even offer some of our bikes in 2 sizes for the less experienced cyclists. If you have any doubts, simply contact us so we can help you in making the right desicion.


Worldwide service - 24/7

No worries: that’s our Australian mentality. Bring your questions straight to our dedicated team and we’ll have them answered in 24 hours. You can make use of our LiveChat which is manned by real human beings, contact us by phone, or send us an e-mail (info.au@lekkerbikes.com).