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Since launching in early 2011, Dutch designed bicycle brand LEKKER has become a talking point among Australia’s urban cyclists. With a famous design that has been part of Dutch bikes culture since 1885, LEKKER has produced a range of bikes that are not only made with love but come with everything the Australian urban cyclist could need…

LEKKER was founded to share Dutch riding culture with a country that is becoming obsessed with bikes. “LEKKER are bikes with strong Dutch heritage, designed exclusively for the Australian rider” says LEKKER founder and Dutch ex-pat Meindert.

The word “lekker” in Dutch means tasty, pleasurable or nice. Originally used to refer to food, but now used widely to describe anything that is beautiful, cool, tasty or sexy.

LEKKER’s aim is to provide people with a bicycle at a reasonable price without sacrificing the most important aspects – quality and aesthetics.