Outback eBike

Are you ready to take on all-terrain? Powered by our strongest Bafang 420 Mid-Drive motor, the newly updated Outback eBike will have you cruising the city, trails, beaches and more with ease. Please note: the Outback colour Dune is out of stock and not coming back.
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All-Terrain. All The Time.

Your catalyst for exploration. From the city to gravel roads, to the vast landscapes of Australia. This premium LEKKER electric bike has you covered in comfort.

The Bafang 420 Mid-Drive motor paired with the Enviolo NuVinci shifting hub makes this all-terrain electric bike one of the most comfortable in its class. The stepless controller means no more fiddling with gears, simply enjoy your surroundings and let the Outback adapt to your needs.

More power, more often

Featuring our most powerful motor yet, the Bafang 420 mid-drive. With 80Nm of torque and sensitive control, you’ll be able to power your way through your day-to-day, or days of play. How hard you pedal is how hard you’ll go, this mid-drive eBike immediately calculates the level of assistance based on your input. No more stress or sweaty rides.

Ready for anything

The thick Kenda tyres soak up holes and uneven surfaces, while delivering extra traction to climb those steep hills. Plus, your high-contrast LCD Bafang display will keep track of your speed, battery levels and mileage, so you’ll be in control whatever the conditions.

Get Dirty, Don’t Worry

Now standard with the CDX Carbon Belt Drive system. The stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords and advanced urethane technology allows the belt to be flexible, durable and weather resistant. Not to mention low noise and limited maintenance. A truly top-class belt drive eBike.

  • Motor

    M420 Mid motor
    80Nm Torque
    5 assistance levels
    25km/h assistance

  • Lights

    Front light
    Blaze-Lite headlight
    Rear light
    PIMENTO-GUARD rear light

  • Display

    DPC11 CAN

  • Battery

    Removable battery
    36V, 14.5Ah, 520Wh with a range of 40km – 95km

  • Charger

    100 – 240v / 42V 2A

  • General

    Aluminium 6061 Smooth Welded Step-through frame
    Aluminium 27.5” fork, external cable routing
    Polycarbonate 54mm wide

  • Drivetrain

    GATES CDX 125T
    Front sprocket
    GATES 55T 4 arm
    Rear sprocket
    GATES 24T 

  • Gearing

    Gear hub
    Enviolo City hub (310°)
    Enviolo CT Multi-turn

  • Crankset

    Bafang CK C13 170mm
    WELLGO VP565 Pedals

  • Brakes

    Lever & caliper
    TEKTRO HD-E350
    TEKTRO 180mm

  • Wheels

    Aluminium 36H, double walled
    KENDA 27.5” x 2.2”

  • Cockpit

    Mustache model. Width 620mm, 31.8mm*22.2mm
    ZOOM TDS, 90° adjustable

  • Seat

    CF Recreational saddle
    ZOOM 30.4mm

  • Accessories

    Experience box
    Includes toolset, reflectors and bell
    Front rack
    Aluminium front carrier with max. load of 10kg
    Rear rack
    Aluminium rear carrier with max. load of 18kg

  • 45cm Frame
    • Height Range 150cm-190cm
    • 1 Seat Tube 450mm
    • 2 Top Tube 613mm
    • 3 Head Tube 180mm
    • 4 Wheel Base 1172mm
    • Seat Post 30.40mm
    • Weight 24kg


Can you tell me more about the Mid-Drive Bafang Motor specifications?

The Bafang Max Mid-Drive Motor by Bafang and its torque sensor constantly measures how hard you pedal and calculates the level of assistance. The motor provides more assist the harder you pedal, and less assist the lighter you pedal. Its on-demand acceleration makes you turbo through traffic. Its power can be used to tackle climbs with gradients up to 25% without any effort.
In spite of generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 80Nm (among the most powerful on the market), the motor operates in virtual silence. The Bafang Max Drive System has a 250W motor. It’s extremely silent, almost unperceivable. A torque sensor and two-speed sensors transmit data to the controller with an 80k Hz frequency, allowing a fluid and precise ride.

Can the battery be removed? Can I upgrade it to a larger range?

All of our eBikes have removable batteries, allowing you to comfortably take them out for a charge, upgrade them with higher range batteries, and to replace them when needed. No stress finding a power outlet near your bike!

36v 14.5Ah, 520 Wh capacity Range: 40km-95km

Can I take the Outback off road?

The fat Kenda tyres will take you on a comfortable cruise soaking up holes with ease, and delivering traction to climb the steepest hills! Get ready for new adventures with this all-terrain eBike.

Is the LCD display water resistant?

The intelligent LCD display by Bafang which we use on our electric bikes, are protected against water. With enclosures capabilities rated IP65, the Bafang LCD offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.

Would it be possible to change the speed limit of the motor of my eBike for it to go faster than 25km/h?

Your safety and that of your fellow road users is of utmost importance. LEKKER is committed to responsible eBiking in line with applicable laws and regulations. Riding tuned eBikes with a speed limit above 25km/h is against the law, will void the warranty on your eBike, insurance coverage and can have serious legal consequences. The LEKKER team will therefore not answer any questions on the (possibility of) tuning of eBikes.

Can you tell me more about the gearing hub of the Outback eBike?

The Max Mid-drive motor by Bafang, paired with the Enviolo Enviolo shifting and integrated hub provide a heavy power boost and full control when riding. This combination makes the Outback perfect even for long commutes in different environments, may that be flat or hilly, paved or gravel roads. The Enviolo Enviolo hub allows shifting at a standstill and easy riding in a stop-and-go situation. The Enviolo system eliminates any issue associated with locked gearing systems, especially in combination with Mid Drive systems.

Is the Outback a Women or a Men bike?

The Outback is a uni-sex eBike! Combining an all-terrain approach design, together with a step-through frame and two premium colors (Dune and Onyx), the Outback is perfectly suited for both Women and Men – with style!

Would it be possible to go faster than 25km per hour on my eBike?

The motor of your eBike will be capped at 25km/h in line with regulations, however your eBike will not be gated and would allow you to pedal as fast as you want (also beyond 25km/h) using your legs. You would then pedal without further assistance as you would on any conventional bike.