Jordaan+ Women eBike 1st Gen

The Jordaan+ fuses together classic Dutch bike design with all the mod cons. Vintage meets contemporary, with three colours to choose from. Quality has never looked so fun.
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Step-Through eBike

The Jordaan+ fuses together classic Dutch bike design with all the mod cons. Vintage meets contemporary, with three colours to choose from. Quality has never looked so fun.

Classic Dutch eBike

Traditional in style, anything but in nature. We’ve kept the character and nature of the famous Dutch eBike and incorporated a bunch of modern technologies. Built for purpose, this ladies and mens vintage electric bike will benefit all with its all-terrain ability.

Powerful and Silent

Stress-free and fast-paced, your daily commute has never been quite so smooth. With its Bafang H400 front motor and 5 levels of motor support, the LEKKER Jordaan+ eBike will boost your takeoffs, conquer headwinds, and seamlessly hit those higher speeds.

Practical on All Levels

Easily removable and seamlessly integrated, you can easily charge your battery wherever you are. With the 500Wh battery you can go up to 95km. Running low? No worries. Thanks to its lightweight and rust-free aluminium frame, you’ll still be able to ride in comfort even without power assistance.

Smoothest Ride Around

Stay in control on any street corner, or metropolitan intersection with premium hydraulic disc brakes. Top speed to a complete stop in just fractions of a second – smooth as you like. Plus, the widely-acclaimed CST City Cruiser tyres feel like you’re riding atop clouds, across speedhumps and all.

Rack-up, Stack-up and Go

Practicality and comfort go hand in hand with the Jordaan+. Its 2 racks, on both the front and back, allow you to comfortably carry additional baggage and load. Whilst its kickstand and handlebar lock ensure parking up is never a chore.

Your Everyday Cockpit

Premium and compact, your LCD Display shows battery charge, instant speed and mileage all at once. Direct sunlight or pure darkness, the high contrast display will always be easy on the eyes and easy to read.

  • Motor

    FM G311.250 V/D
    30Nm Torque
    5 assistance levels
    25km/h assistance

  • Lights

    Front light
    Rear light
    TP RBI 13021 Battery integrated

  • Display

    DPC11 CAN

  • Battery

    Removable battery
    36V, 14.5Ah, 500Wh with a range of 40km – 95km

  • Charger

    100 – 240v / 42V 2A

  • General

    Aluminium 6061 Smooth Welded frame
    Aluminium 700C front fork

  • Drivetrain

    KMC 106L
    ProWheel 38T
    Rear sprocket
    Shimano 18T

  • Gearing

    Gear hub
    Shimano Nexus Internal geared hub, 3 speed 32H
    Shimano Revoshift with clickbox

  • Crankset

    Bottom Bracket
    NECO B920AL Square taper. 122,5mm * 68mm
    ProWheel 170mm
    WELLGO VP628 Pedals

  • Brakes

    Lever & caliper
    TEKTRO HD-M285
    Front Rotor
    TEKTRO 160mm
    Rear Rotor
    Shimano 160mm

  • Wheels

    Front rim
    Aluminium 36H, double walled
    Rear rim
    Aluminium 32H, double walled
    CST Zeppelin 27,5” x 2”

  • Cockpit

    ZOOM, Width 630mm, 25,4mm*22.2mm
    VELO VLG-649 Brown
    Black coated, Quill type
    Rotation Lock XRS100

  • Seat

    VELO 8045 Brown

  • Accessories

    Experience box
    Includes toolset, reflectors and bell

  • 45cm Frame
    • Height Range 155cm-195cm
    • 1 Seat Tube 450mm
    • 2 Top Tube 620mm
    • 3 Head Tube 220mm
    • 4 Wheel Base 1120mm
    • Wheel size 650B
    • Weight 23kg


Can you tell me more about the Compact Bafang Front Motor specifications?

The powerful Front Hub Motor – offering 250w – will propel you forward efficiently, spicing up your commute. It makes the hills feel flat and easily gets you up to speed. The Pedal-Assist system, with 5 levels of power-assist, keeps you in full control of the 250w output. The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed gearing hub is the best fitting lightweight gearing hub that pears to perfection with the Front Hub Motor.

Can the battery be removed?

All of our eBikes have removable batteries, allowing you to comfortably take them out for a charge and replace them when needed. No stress finding a power outlet near your bike!

Jordaan+ battery:
500w, 14.5AH 36v, Samsung cell, integrated light rack mounted, Range: 40-95kms

Can I take the Jordaan+ off road?

The Jordaan+ is suitable for everyday users, for a variety of surfaces (including gravel and lightly muddy roads).

Is the LCD display water resistant?

The intelligent LCD display by Bafang which we use on our electric bikes, are protected against water. With enclosures capabilities rated IP65, the Bafang LCD offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.

Would it be possible to change the speed limit of the motor of my eBike for it to go faster than 25km/h?

Your safety and that of your fellow road users is of utmost importance. LEKKER is committed to responsible eBiking in line with applicable laws and regulations. Riding tuned eBikes with a speed limit above 25km/h is against the law, will void the warranty on your eBike, insurance coverage and can have serious legal consequences. The LEKKER team will therefore not answer any questions on the (possibility of) tuning of eBikes.

Does the Jordaan+ electric bike fit a baby seat?

The Jordaan+ Series is the perfect eBike for a baby seat! Sturdy, light and comfortable at the same time. The Jordaan+ is the perfect companion to take your little one on an adventure!

Would it be possible to go faster than 25km per hour on my eBike?

The motor of your eBike will be capped at 25km/h in line with regulations, however your eBike will not be gated and would allow you to pedal as fast as you want (also beyond 25km/h) using your legs. You would then pedal without further assistance as you would on any conventional bike.