AXA Defender + Plug-in Chain Combination

  • Extra security in combination with AXA Defender, Solid Plus or Fusion lock
  • Locking your bike with 2 locks with one operation
  • Polyester sleeve to protect against damage to your bike
  • Also available in trendy colors such as green, pink, purple and blue
  • Shackles of 5.5 mm thick
  • Plug in pin of 10 mm thick
  • Length 100 cm
  • Weight ca. 1 kg


A legendary combination. Use the Axa Defender Lock in combination with the AXA plug-in chain to safely lock your bike against an object and increase bike theft protection.

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Product Highlights

The AXA Plug-in Chain used in combination with an AXA Defender makes your locking game a true nightmare of bike thief’s. A combination pretty much standard on all Dutch Bikes used around Amsterdam. It offers a safe storage of your bike in combination with the option to attach your precious to an object, making a thief’s live

The RLC100 offers a hardened steel plug in pin of 10 mm thick. The RLC100 locks your bike to a fixed object such as a street light or fence. Simply plug-in the chain into the Defender ring lock and lock them both together. It doesn’t get any easier!

Grab both Defender and Plug-in Chain in a special saver combo pack.

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