Amsterdam 8 Speed Series

With a striking aluminium frame that's built to last and featuring premium parts, the Amsterdam 8 Speed Series was created to steal the spotlight. Mix and match to customise your ride with meticulously curated accessories. Order yours now!
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Welcome to the future of urban commuting. Staying true to our Dutch heritage, the Amsterdam is inspired by the traditional fixie bicycle. Crafted with ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, this lightweight semi-upright superstar is ready to shine every ride.

Find a ride suited for you, with 2 different editions of the Amsterdam Series available: the Shimano Nexus 3 and 8 Speed. Building the perfect urban commuter didn’t stop there. Power up your ride with the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive, and stay in control with premium Hydraulic Disc Brakes from Tektro.

Experience the magic of the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system on the Amsterdam range. Advanced urethane technology delivers weather resistance, all while being flexible and durable. The system is created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords and operates in virtual silence. Turn heads for all the right reasons.

Find out what it feels like to ride atop clouds with the widely-acclaimed WTB 650B road tyres – one of the smoothest available on the market.

On any street corner or metropolitan intersection, stay in control with premium hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro. Come to a complete stop in fractions of a second – smoothly.

Latest upgrade available: the commuter Flat Rack! A large stable platform, perfect for carrying your laptop or other precious items. Ideal for daily life in the city! We’ve added additional brackets for easy use of bungees to secure your luggage.

Amsterdam 8 Speed

Rolling straight out of the LEKKER laboratories, the newest pinnacle of urban commuting has arrived. Crafted to be the very best, the Amsterdam M2 combines premium components and a lightweight aluminium frame – an urban commuter that’s elegantly simple.

Frame 6065 Aluminium, 650B, Tapered headtube, Belt drive/Disk brake compatible
Fork 6065 Aluminium, 650B, Tapered steerer tube, Post mount disk tab
Headset Neco Tapered headset seadled bearings
Bottom Brackets Neco 920H Sealed bearings
Cranks Prowheel Aluminium square taper
Belt Ring CNC Alu 44t (chain) / GATES CDX 55T (Carbon)
Belt Drive KMC Rustbuster (Chain) / GATES CDX 118T (Carbon)
Rear Sprocket Shimano 20t / GATES CDX 24T
Brakes Tektro TD-285 hydraulic
Rear Hub Shimano NEXUS 8sp Disc Silent clutch, 32h
Front Hub Sealed bearing disc hub, 32h
Gear Shifter Shimano NEXUS 8sp revoshift
Rims Aluminium double walled 32h 650B
Tyres WTB Horizon 650B x 47 Road Plus Gumwall
Pedals VP 530
Grips Lekker Vinyl Lockon
Saddle Lekker Commuter Vinyl
Seat Post Lekker Aluminium 27.2mm
Handle Bar Lekker Aluminium 31.8mm 660mm width, 25mm rise
Stem Lekker Aluminium 31.8mm A-head
Gear Ratio 55T x 25T GATES CDX Drive system
51cm Frame
Height Range 155-175cm
1 Seat Tube 510mm
2 Top Tube 545mm
3 Head Tube 130mm
4 Wheel Base 1052mm
5 Stand Over Height 780mm
Weight 13kg
58cm Frame
Height Range 175-190cm
1 Seat Tube 580mm
2 Top Tube 580mm
3 Head Tube 150mm
4 Wheel Base 1055mm
5 Stand Over Height 830mm
Weight 13kg
62cm Frame
Height Range 185-205cm
1 Seat Tube 620mm
2 Top Tube 595mm
3 Head Tube 190mm
4 Wheel Base 1055mm
5 Stand Over Height 870mm
Weight 13kg
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What is the difference between the 3 and 8 Speed hub?

The difference between the 3-speed and 8-speed hub focuses on the ratio and your riding needs. The silent clutch 3-speed hub is a very popular hub for commuter bikes on mostly flat terrain, where there is no need for super low gear. The 8-speed nexus hub is a very tough and reliable hub. It is more suited to hilly terrain or for those who need to carry heavier loads, so if you ride in a variety of landscapes, we strongly recommend this one. It is one of the best hubs available in the market!

We use integrated hubs, meaning no matter the gearing system, a bullet-proof bike is guaranteed! With the internal hub system, you are able to shift while not pedalling, making your ride much easier. It also provides less need for maintenance due to the protection of the internal gear hub.

How does the Gates Belt Drive work?

The Gates Belt Drive is a standard upgrade that greatly reduces the maintenance on your bike as there is no need to oil or grease the belt. It’s created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords and operates in virtual silence. As it is made with carbon blend and not metal, it won’t rust and lasts much longer than chain drives. It’s weather-resistant, flexible and durable. The Gates Belt Drive system requires no lubrication, which means that you don’t need to get your hands dirty and oily to clean it. It is also a practical feature that reduces the weight in your bike, and the noise whilst you are riding – Yes, the belt drive system is silent and lighter than the conventional chain drive, making your rides as smooth as possible!

What are the main advantages of using Hydraulic Disc Brakes?

The Hydraulic Disc Brakes operate with the help of fluid, which means that there are no cables involved. The Amsterdam Series comes fitted with the high-end Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes, making your rides more efficient and smooth. With the Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you don’t need to lever hard to create a more sensitive response, as a simple push is more than enough to feel its stopping power both in dry and wet conditions. They don’t require maintenance as they don’t have complicated wiring in their inner system, making them lightweight and increasing the performance in your rides.

What makes the Amsterdam a lightweight and durable bike?

We designed the Amsterdam Series with durability as a focus. It’s not only light but also rust-free. We make use of a 100% aluminium frame and fork, making its design minimalistic yet sturdy. All other components are high-end, optimised for daily commuting. There are no shortcuts – it’s about power and efficiency. As its name implies, this series is designed in Amsterdam, but with the coastal areas of Australia in mind. It’s reliable, easy to ride and a strong commuter. The standard-fitted Gates Belt Drive gives you another level of maintenance freeness, increases durability and makes your ride smoother, lighter and quieter.

What upgrades are essential for daily use?

Most of our customers choose the Adjustable Handlebar Stem and the Aluminium Fenders set as essential upgrades for daily use.

The Adjustable Handlebar Stem brings your handlebars forward and back, as well as up and down, providing a better and more comfortable seating position. For example, if it’s more comfortable for you to sit in an upright position, this is a perfect upgrade as you’d be able to modify the adjustable stem to your convenience.

Our Amsterdam Series Aluminium Fender set is designed to protect you and your bike from the common issues that a daily rider might experience: rain, rocks, sand, or the dirt from the streets. Our premium fenders are powder-coated, 100% rust free and easy to assemble, no more excuses to stop riding under the rain!

Does the Amsterdam Series fit a child seat?

You can install a child seat onto the Amsterdam Series. You will need a rear carrier rack to mount the seat.

Can I convert my Amsterdam to an eBike at a later stage?

We do not advise converting the Amsterdam conventional Series into an eBike. Our bikes are made as conventional bicycles, adjusted to the loads and capacity with the usage of the commuter as a regular bike. Our eBikes have been specifically designed to perform under different loads and circumstances. For the longevity of the bike, we strongly advise against eBike upgrades.

What is the delivery time for my bike?

We’re doing our best to ensure you can ride LEKKER as soon as possible! All orders are being processed within 24h by our staff. For an overview of typical delivery times and for more information about shipping, please see our shipping and warranty page.


What sort of warranty covers my LEKKER Bikes?

We offer a 2-year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our different models on the day of purchase. For more information, please see our shipping and warranty page.

What is the right bike size for me?

You will find detailed sizing information in the ‘sizing’ section of the product page, right above this one. Find your perfect match!

What is my LEKKER Bikes' weight?

Just like the sizing information, you will find the weight of each individual bike in the sizing section of the product page.

Is there a weight limit on your bikes?

All Lekker models’ frames and front forks are made from 100% rust-free and lightweight aluminium, which makes them easy to carry, but that is why there is a maximum recommended weight limit of 120kg for our bikes. So, you have to do a little math when you want to, for example, attach a child seat to your bike and put your child in there.

How can I track my LEKKER Bikes order?

You will receive a track and trace number from the shipping company once your order is being shipped to you.

What about service and components?

Our range of bikes is designed and composed of premium, reliable components from carefully selected partners. Besides quality, our partners are selected on availability and accessibility of spare and replacement parts. Our bikes are developed so they can be serviced at any local bike service store with the support of LEKKER Bikes if needed. In Australia, we have a large network of service partners but also cover both Australia and New Zealand from our Melbourne and Sydney brand stores. Our teams are available 7 days a week, reachable by email, phone or through the live chat.

Discover the
Amsterdam Series

Meet the Amsterdam Range. The newest member of the LEKKER collection is available in 2 editions: Shimano Nexus 3 Speed and 8 Speed. Featuring a brand new lightweight aluminium frame paired with high-end premium components, the Amsterdam was created to turn heads. Bold and daring.


We offer a 2 year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our models on the day of purchase.

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Ship DIY (85%) or make use of our 98% Ready to Ride service. Built and packed by our local teams in Melbourne and Sydney.

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