Born in Amsterdam, raised in Australia. Founded in 2009, its the fresh aesthetics, high quality workmanship and desire for comfort that defines our bikes. Expressed seamlessly through a combination of elements taken from both Dutch cycling heritage and Australian beach culture. We care about the way we get around town everyday, about that amazing feeling of freedom while riding around. It’s a way to enjoy your city, journey and destination. We love that!

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As a cultural hub, the city of Melbourne is home to a diverse range of art, music, and literature. There’s more to discover in Melbourne – from laneways filled with the aromatic scents of our famous coffee to the hustle and bustle of our lively people, Melbourne is definitely one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Our range of vintage bikes are the perfect complement to Melbourne’s cultural heritage. Crafted with the finest materials, our retro bikes provide the simplicity and comfort that all Melbournian’s value. A perfect fit for the modern appeal of the city, Lekker is the premium supplier of Dutch bikes in Australia to help you get from point A to B in style. Check out our range of accessories and Dutch bikes at our North Melbourne Bike Shop

The thriving tourist population proves Sydney is a landmark icon for Australia. With internationally recognised icons such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney lives up to its unofficial status as capital city. Nestled upon the harbour city, Sydney is never far from offering picturesque beaches and shores.

With a large range of vintage bikes for sale, Lekker helps bring a European edge to the Sydney shores. Designed and created in Amsterdam, Sydney is the perfect environment to cycle in our retro bikes. Navigate the city with quality Dutch worksmanship from the team at Lekker or cycle along the coast with our vintage bicycles.

Home to warm and sun-blessed summers to dry winters, Brisbane is the perfect climate for those who want to escape the sun. The weather also permits for a very green city, with hundreds of arid parklands surrounding the city from beautiful parks to botanical gardens. A stone’s throw away from the Gold Cost and Byron Bay, Brisbane is the perfect place to cycle around.

Lekker offers the most in retro bikes and vintage bikes for the sunshine state. You can never get as environmentally friendly riding around the city with our contemporary and timeless European bikes. Brisbane’s wide offering of parks and gardens are the perfect excuse to ride around in Lekker’s quality bikes from Amsterdam.

Known as the ‘City of Churches’, Adelaide is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and host to Australia’s most popular sporting and arts events, Adelaide has undergone an urban makeover with new parklands, green spaces and thriving diverse eating precinct. Adelaide is also home to the most prestigious vineyards and market gardens Australia has to offer and makes for the perfect cycling cities.

As a perfect touch to the city, Lekker’s vintage bicycles blend in perfectly with its urban renewal. Sporting sleek modern design and Dutch craftsmanship, ride around Adelaide’s various parklands with the help of Lekker retro bikes. Staying environmentally friendly has never been easier with our quality range of contemporary Dutch bikes for sale.

Recent mining booms have made Perth a hotspot for Australian’s escaping the clustered cities of the east. With strong growths in its metropolitan areas, Perth provides the best climate to cycle around the city. Witnessing the most sunshine than any other Australian capital, Perth has the most to offer between historic buildings, cafes and shopping destinations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to cycle in the streets of Perth with the help of Lekker. As a premium provider of retro bikes on sale, Lekker has every perfect option for everyone. Combining the free and easy Dutch style of getting around to Australia’s laidback culture, Lekker’s vintage bikes are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to soak up the rays all year long in Perth.

Dominated by spectacular views of Mount Wellington, Hobart makes it an easy destination to unwind and relax without breaking a sweat. Filled with various shopping options and cuisines, the city is a character of its own league. Entrenched deep into its cultural heritage, Hobart still preserves most of its iconic landmarks in its pristine state.

There’s no easier way to relax in Hobart with the ease and comfort of Lekker’s retro bikes. Ride away the city on vintage bicycles crafted with Dutch expertise and designed to provide the comfort and ease of the European lifestyle. Enjoying cycling has just been made easier with the modern appeal of Lekker’s Dutch bikes that will never go out of style

Australia’s capital city has more to offer than politics! Meticulously designed with numerous parklands and waterways, Canberra is also home to a lively nightlife. There are more cafes and restaurants per person than anywhere in Australia with a wide variety of local sampling of foods that you can indulge in. With an easy drive to Sydney and its unique de-centralised design, the city is never crowded.

Roam around Canberra with Lekker and our latest range of vintage bikes for sale. With numerous cafes and restaurants to tuck into, getting around the city with Lekker’s vintage biycles is a no-brainer. Innumerable green spaces and parks litter around the city providing your cycling experience with the right view.

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