The Differences between 3-speed and 7-speed Vintage Bikes

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What condition is each bike suited to?

At Lekker Bikes we have two main styles of Vintage Bikes. These are our Lekker Sportief and Lekker Jordaan models, which represent Classic Dutch Styled Cruiser Bikes, and our Amsterdam Series, which is a lower-set urban commuter bike. Both styles of Bikes are suited to different conditions, however are versatile enough to not be fully constricted to their area of specialty, due to both vintage and commuter models coming with a range of gearing options such as 3-Speed and 7-Speed options.

The Lekker Dutch Style Cruiser Bikes present a more upright riding position, with a slightly wider handlebar setup to provide more relaxed-style riding, more suited to the casual cyclist. On the contrary, our Lekker Amsterdam Series is our commuter-styled bike that provides a more angled riding position and therefore less wind-resistance. The Amsterdam is more suitable for those wanting a faster urban commuter bike suited for the city.

In mentioning these points above however, Lekker Bikes have been designed to be versatile, meaning there are many options regarding upgrades, as well as different components to make your bike as suitable to your needs as you like. All Lekker Bikes also come with a premium internal gear hub system providing flexible gear changing capabilities allowing each of our bikes to be suitable to a range of conditions and terrains.

Amsterdam Urban Commuter Bike SilverMelbourne and Sydney Topography

Topography presents an interesting issue when it comes to riding a bike. Although you may find yourself riding a specific terrain more often than others, you’ll soon be sure to experience moments where the unexpected hill arises, and you may find yourself working a little harder than what you’re used to. This is why it’s important to have a few options up your sleeve when it comes to bicycle gearing, regardless of the city you may be riding in.

Melbourne and Sydney both present similar and varying topographical terrain. Unlike Melbourne, Sydney does not follow a grid-like structure, and tends to be quite hilly and therefore potentially ill fit for the casual cyclist. Despite these winding hills, there are also some glorious flat spots along the beaches, with plenty of riders making the most of what Sydney has to offer, in particular, the new bike paths that have been springing up in recent times.

Melbourne is seen to be a more bicycle friendly city. The streets have been developed to run like a grid-structure, and more often than not, are lined with green-coloured bike lanes. This makes it not only easier, but also far more safe and convenient for all road users. Bike parking is also widely recognised as important, with most train stations accommodating the many daily commuters with bike racks. A few larger roads in particular also have separate bike paths that run in the centre of the road, completely free from motor-traffic and public transport.

The scenic bike trails that run out from the city also provide a welcome escape from the big smoke, giving you a chance to ride along the scenic Yarra River, Maribyrnong River as well as the Coastline. So begs the question. How many gears are appropriate for each city? Should I choose a Lekker 3-Speed model, or 7-Speed?

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3-Speed, or 7-speed?

When it comes to force, resistance and power, your body paired with a bike, works just like any other engine. A limited number of gears equate to a limited span of resistance and therefore speed of movement. A single speed bike for example is fixed to one particular level of resistance, leaving you with no gearing options to improve riding ease or increase speed of travel.

Increasing the amount of gearing options to 3, and your speed-of-travel span begins to widen and provide you with more options when it comes to riding different types of terrain.

Increase this further to 7 options, and the difference begins to become far more noticeable and useful – with terrain such as hill climbs and sweeping descents, you’re more able to easily find a useful gear that is within a suitable speed-of-travel interval.

Which one to buy, 3 or 7? It would be wise to think that 3-speed hubs make the most sense for inner city riding, as most cities more often than not present a flat terrain, with no real need to extend beyond shifting 3 times. It could be said that both Melbourne and most parts within Sydney do fit into the ‘flat city’ category and therefore your answer is simple, a 3-speed system. Yes, this may be true and most suitable for those living right in the middle of the city, riding only a short distance each day with little plans to venture out onto the surrounding bike paths, however, more often than not this may not be the case.


Lekker Sportief Retro Vintage Bike

Other factors such as fitness level, particularly steep hills, heavy loads, as well as your proximity to the city all play a part in the type of riding you’ll be doing, as well as the ease you’ll want to make sure you have. Taking these into account, it may be more wise to consider the 7-speed option, providing you with the exact same options as the 3-speed, however also giving you a few extra gears that could mean the difference between making that last hill climb before reaching home, or being able to carry that slightly heavier load with a little more ease. Not to also mention the outer city and picturesque bike trails that you may like to explore on weekends, that not only take you out of the city, but out into the fresh, open air.


Lekker Jordaan Classic Black Womens Premium Dutch Bike Retro Vintage Bike

Come Try For Yourself

If you are still unsure and want to see what it’s like to ride one of our 3 & 7 speed Lekker Bikes. Come see us at one of our stores in Melbourne & Sydney. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you and let you take the bikes for a test run. Our Melbourne store is located at 23 Provost St, North Melbourne VIC 3051. For opening ours and phone number click here. Our Sydney store is located at 415 Bourke Street, 2010, Surry Hills, Sydney. For opening hours and phone number click here.

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