Why you need to get around town on the new 2nd gen Sportief Mens & Ladies Bikes

Lekker Sportief Ladies retro vintage Dutch Bicycle

Your ride shouldn’t just be about getting from A to B. Your ride should be comfortable, stylish and effortlessly cool. The Sportief 2Gen Mens and Ladies Bikes range is the latest incarnation from the team at Lekker which has once again delivered a vintage-style bike with deluxe yet practical qualities.

The Sportief has become a favorite among bike enthusiasts. Here are just some of the features we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with when riding a Sportief 2Gen (Second Generation) around town.

Men’s and Ladies Bikes that go the distance

The all-new aluminium frame boasts four colour options for women to make you stand out from the crowd and three sophisticated colour choices for men. The colour selections have been selected to be timeless and will never go out of fashion. Whilst it looks like the iconic Dutch bike, the second generation Sportief is 100% rust free so you don’t have to worry about the conditions ensuring your Sportief always going to looks its best. The high quality frame means that it’s going to go the distance making the Sportief 2Gen a great choice for now, and the future.

Light as a feather

The Sportief 2Gen weighs in at a mere 13kg which may surprise given the quality craftsmanship. It’s designed to make your journey uncomplicated in classic retro-style. Whilst this beautiful bicycle is created with the characteristic lugged steel Dutch bikes in mind the frame is made from aluminium to make it lighter than steel alternatives. An agile and more manoeuvrable version of the classic is a winner when getting around town.

Ride wherever

Cycling is a fantastic way to commute to work or explore your town regardless of conditions. You can take your Sportief 2Gen Men’s & Ladies Bikes literally anywhere with the integrated Shimano 3 speed hub. It can take on any terrain from the urban jungle to rolling hills allowing you can ride wherever your heart takes you. At Lekker we want you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride whilst showcasing a vintage retro-style appearance. Enjoy seamless gear shifting with the slight twist of your wrist making your ride appear effortlessly cool.

Ride whenever

Lekker recognises that lights aren’t optional extras, they are a safety must-have. A high-quality LED light set is included with your second gen Sportief so that you can cycle safely at dusk and into the evening. Cycling is as much a lifestyle choice as a form of transport and the increased visibility makes it easier for you to cycle at night meaning there are no limitations to your journey, or your daily commute to work. The design of the bike hasn’t been compromised for this essential modern feature as the lights have been fitted to match in with the vintage style.

Keep your personal gear where you see them

A strong yet compact carrier rack is cleverly positioned out the front of the all new Sportief. The carrier helps to keep your belongings safe and in your sights. Your shopping has never looked so stylish and the front carrier rack is perfect for carrying your bag to and from work. This safe storage is practical yet gives a very retro feel to your ride.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The Sportief 2Gen is beautifully crafted with options in mind for both men and women. Exceptional quality materials and the finest craftsmanship have come together to produce a bike at the top of its class. Every element of this bike has taken serious consideration for value including the luxurious saddle and grips which provide extra comfort making each ride feel like a dream.

The Lekker team are passionate about bringing you a high quality ride that oozes style. The retro design of the Sportief Gen2 makes the bike a timeless classic which is going to last for years to come. Only high quality materials have been used to craft this bike which make it safe and offers a smooth and exceptionally comfortable ride. There is a lot to love about the Sportief Gen2 and makes getting around town all the more enjoyable. Check out the women’s bikes online by clicking here or men’s bikes by clicking here. Take a Sportief 2 Gen for a test ride today by contacting the Lekker team today.