Melbourne v Sydney: Bicycle commuting around town

Melbourne City

Melbourne and Sydney are both amazing cities to experience on a bike. While bicycle infrastructure has not reached the same level in Amsterdam just yet, within the last few years, both cities have made significant efforts to improve bicycle safety and usage around urban areas.

We are beginning to see a difference, with the increased use of bicycle paths not only in Melbourne, but in Sydney too, with more and more Sydneysiders choosing the bike over public transport.

With inner-city living becoming more and more popular within Melbourne and Sydney, and the increase of apartment complexes popping up all around town, it is becoming obvious that with more people per square metre of land, comes the need for more space. Which for many people within the city, may mean… Goodbye motor vehicles, and hello bicycles!

The Lekker Bikes Range cover both Women’s and Men’s vintage cruiser bikes, modern urban commuter bikes and E-bikes with each design tailored to meet the increasing needs and demands of the modern-day commuter, along with the rapidly transforming infrastructure, traffic conditions, weather conditions and culture within both Melbourne and Sydney.

What is the traffic, weather and culture like within these Cities? How does it affect cyclists in these cities?

The Lekker Bikes Range come in a variety of gearing options to do so, with 3-speed models, 7-speed models, Nuvinci (infinitely variable gearing system), as well as the new Lekker E-bike (electric bike!)

Comparing which city is more suited to cycling, and which Lekker Bike to choose from for the job? Melbourne vs Sydney, let’s discuss.

Firstly, when it comes to the opportunities of being able to ride a bike around either Melbourne or Sydney, we don’t have much to complain about.

When comparing to other more bicycle-established cities such as Amsterdam, of course there is a noticeable difference, increased bicycle infrastructure can lead to safer roads for cyclists, therefore potentially encouraging more people to get on their bikes.

However, with the bicycle infrastructure where it stands for each city at the moment, as well as inner-city traffic congestion becoming more and more of an issue everyday, I feel we will see more and more focus being put on improving cycling opportunities.

With this of course comes less pollution and increased space, further encouraging commuting by bicycle!

Melbourne is a flatter city, with a more grid-like metropolitan layout and infrastructure. This however does not necessarily mean it is more conducive to getting around town on a bicycle.

Yes, it’s advantages are clear in that less hills and a closer geographical inner-city infrastructure means less pedaling and potentially an easier ride, the winding hills of Northern Sydney also provide a stunning landscape for enjoyable urban cycling and commuting, whether it be for work, leisure or fitness.

Due to Sydney’s hilly terrain, I would consider exploring our Lekker 7-Speed models, which is our Lekker Women’s Jordaan, Lekker Men’s Jordaan, Lekker Men’s Sportief (7-Speed model) and Lekker Amsterdam (7-Speed model).

Of course, also suitable is the Amsterdam Elite (Nuvinci), which is our premium commuter bike fitted with the Shimano infinitely variable gearing system, suited for both men and women.

More gears lends itself to more options of resistance when it comes to getting up that next hill climb, or pushing to increase your speed on the flat.

As for Melbourne, due to the flatter infrastructure and closer geographical layout within the city, I would consider the Lekker 3-Speed range. These are the Lekker Sportief Men’s (3-Speed model) and the Lekker Sportief Women’s bikes. Not as many hills, means potentially not as much need for a wide range of gears. As for the Lekker E-bike? I’ll let you decide that one for yourself!

Melbourne – vintage bikes are seen as a fashion statement. Vintage bikes like the Sportief range or LEKKER 3 speed range tend to be used for shorter distances e.g. to shops.

Despite these recommendations, if you were to ride a 3-Speed around Sydney, or a 7-Speed around Melbourne, you may even prefer the greater flexibility of gears whilst riding on the flat, or the fewer amounts of options on that next hill climb in Sydney.

Both cities and all of our bikes offer their obvious advantages as well as disadvantages, and that is why we have designed a range of bikes that cover the full spectrum of what the modern-day commuter might need.

Whether it be riding your Lekker Amsterdam Elite using cleats and wearing lycra to get to work, or cruising on your Lekker Jordaan along the world class beaches of Sydney, at Lekker Bikes we have the perfect bike for you!

There has never been a better time to get into the habit of commuting by bicycle! The Lekker Bikes Range is available to check out online, as well as to test ride in both our Sydney Bike Shop and Melbourne Brand Store.

Classic, retro and vintage Dutch styling and design meets high quality, sleek aluminium construction. With premium components and accessories designed specifically for each and every bike in the Lekker Bikes Range, why not experience the Lekker experience for yourself?

Melbourne and Sydney bicycle culture coming soon to rival Amsterdam? Yes please!