LEKKER x The Funky Celebrant

Klara McMurray operates under the name of ‘The Funky Celebrant’, she MCs at all sorts of gatherings, marries love birds and officiates at funerals. Not quite your day-to-day job!
This all-round genius cruises from A to B on one of our LEKKER Jordaan bikes – a birthday gift from her partner.

“He offered me the choice of a new phone or a vintage-style bike… Let’s just say, I’m still rocking my iPhone 6. After much research, LEKKER was the obvious choice and I haven’t looked back.”

Klara adores her ‘two-wheeled machine of happiness’ and rides it everywhere. “When I’m sitting up there, straight-back, dress flowing in the wind, dinging my bell, I feel like an absolute boss!”

If Klara hosts a ceremony in her neighborhood, she hops on her bike. Couples love her unique entry! “I become the ‘Cycling Celebrant’.”
On these occasions, the basket on the back of her Jordaan is her best friend. She easily throws in her briefcase, a speaker and a pair of heels. And once at the wedding… It serves as a funky signing table.

Making her way to events by bike not only matches her sustainable image perfectly, but also helps her stay fit. “The best thing about my LEKKER is that it helps ensure that The Funky Celebrant; remains forever funky!”


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