LEKKER x Kilogram

Nick Rieve is director of content production company Kilogram, probably one of the most varied careers one can imagine. No day is the same. One day you will find Nick directing on set, the next day behind the camera shooting content for a fashion brand, or running the post-production of a music video.

If you’ve recently scrolled through our products, it’s likely, you have already seen some of Nick’s work. He was the brains behind the E-Jordaan and LEKKER X photoshoot. However, the first time Nick showed his creative talent to LEKKER goes further back. About 7 years ago, he shot one of the first LEKKER collections.

It probably comes as no surprise that Nick is riding a LEKKER too, in fact, one of the eBikes he shot himself: the LEKKER X. He loves the power and convenience: ‘I can cover any distance with ease. If you ever hit a headwind, the eBike cruises through it. And quick trips down the shops are painless, no need to look for parking!.’

His favorite ride? A cruise along the beach, accompanied by his 2yo on the back, rewarded with a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Kilogram is a content production company, committed to making films, campaigns and creatives that have an impact and make a big impression on the viewer. Content with weight. They are passionate about delivering new stories in a new way. They take ideas and help execute them to their best potential by bringing together a network of collaborators to bring a creative vision to life.


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