The LEKKER Jordaan 2nd Gen reviewed by Bike Exchange

The Jordaan from Lekker is the prototypical Classic Dutch Vintage bike with a few modifications to make it perfect for modern commuting. The Jordaan was created for you to cruise around town, smelling the roses as you get from point A to point B. Lekker have stayed true to the Dutch commuting heritage with an upright riding position and effortlessly cool demeanour.

The Dutch have been doing commuting right for such a long time, it stands to reason if anyone is going to do a cool commuter right, it’s going to be them. The Dutch brand began in 2009 and describe themselves as, ‘Born in Amsterdam, raised in Australia’, with the goal of bringing Dutch cycling heritage to Australian shores.

We got our hands on the Jordaan 2GEN Women’s 7 Speed Edition for a couple of weeks to see how the Jordaan’s DNA handled the Australian landscape.

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