LEKKER Bikes x Foulproof

Lekker Bikes joined forces with Foulproof

We joined forces with Foulproof and the reason why is quite simple, because we support Dutch design talents in the fight against elements, especially when it is focused on the urban commuter.

Foulproof delivers uncompromising and innovative apparel through smart fabrics and compellingly engineered solutions. This brand just released the S1; the S1 is designed for the urban explorer who choose the (LEKKER) bicycle for transport by default. The S1 is a smart coat that turns into a full rain suit; this rain suit is a smart waterproof & breathable 2-piece fit.

The main thing that Foulproof and LEKKER Bikes have in common is that we both share the same mission: to give everyone the opportunity to cycle wherever they want to go, no matter what the weather is like. And this is exactly what we’re trying to stimulate on our international markets. We would like to wish them lots of success, and we hope to bring the first jackets to the Australian market soon!