Lekker Bikes Brand Store Sydney


Experience the brand story

We at Lekker Bikes first reached the shore of Australia with the idea to inspire the country to embrace the Dutch-style through our premium Dutch bikes. After we successfully established ourselves in the city of Melbourne, we wanted to develop our brand and make it more accessible to our other customers spread throughout Australia. We opened our first Sydney bike shop on the iconic Bourke Street cycleway in Surry Hills in November 2016, bringing our vintage and commuter bikes to New South Wales.

Very high goals were set during the opening of our Sydney store in Surry Hills, our aim was to get Lekker Bikes known as “the number one city, commuter biking brand”, said Meindert Wolfraad, founder of the company. Sydney was the perfect place to welcome our second brand store in Australia: it’s a vibrant and multi-cultural city, with great climate and beautiful suburbs. While the bicycle infrastructure has not reached the same level as in Amsterdam just yet, it has greatly developed over the last years. Whilst the city is focusing on developing more cycling opportunities, Sydney has turned into an amazing town to experience whilst on a bike.

We at Lekker Bikes want to reveal more about the charms of our Sydney Store. We believe it’s got a unique history which needs to be told, in order for our customers to gain a better insight into what we can offer them here specifically, and how we do it. Whether it’s about our range of dutch style bicycles, lightweight commuter bicycles, or the premium services we have to offer in our workshop, we invite you to continue reading and find out all you’ll need to know about our Sydney brand store.

Welcome to the Sydney Brand Store

Following the Bourke Street bicycle lane which connects the city from the North to the South, you’ll happen to find yourself passing by our Sydney brand store. Stop right there, and make your way through the scents of freshly baked pastries and fresh coffee emanating from the small shops surrounding the place. You’ll reach the elegant old terrace house that is our Lekker Bikes boutique. Displaying the neat and glossy Dutch design on its front and indoors -our classic Lekker Bikes trademark- it is pretty easy to spot. Once inside, you’ll be facing two rows of bikes showing off all the colourful models we have on offer. From a classic retro Dutch style design to our brand new electric bike, our range of bicycles gives you plenty of choice without being too much to choose from either.

“I really like the fact that we’re located on a bicycle lane” says Colin, Sydney store manager. “It’s extremely valuable for us, seeing as cyclists can spot us easily, it’s also gives our customers the opportunity to walk out of the shop with their bike in hand, ready to ride it.”

But how do we make sure you get your dream bike?

Colin is most likely to be the one to welcome you and assist you through your visit to the store. Working in the shop since the grand opening, he can provide you with any kind of information you might be need about the brand or the products we’re selling. “We are getting a lot of different questions depending on the customers visiting the store” explains Colin. “Some people want to know more about our brand and where we build our bikes, others want some details about a specific bicycle they’ve spotted on our website. What I like is that all the customers have a very different profile: that’s why our bikes are made to suit multiple needs.”

The Amsterdam – the perfect city bike, according to Colin who uses it daily- it’s one of the most popular models we have in this store: it seduces you with its stylish design and lightweight frame. The Jordaan electric bike also makes quite the impression, especially in Sydney, where the terrain is particularly hilly and it becomes a great alternative to cruise around effortlessly. But whether you’re on the lookout for one of these bikes, a shiny helmet or a new leather saddle, the Lekker team is here to guide you through your shopping experience.

“I feel like we have a different look on the bikes” says Colin, “Lekker Bikes is much more than a bicycle brand, it reflects a lifestyle. Most brands are a sort of status quo in terms of type of bikes they have on offer; we don’t have to be like them. In a way, this determines how we’re gonna interact with our customers, because we know they’re not only seeking a bicycle, but a more complete offer. ”

The key, according to our staff in Sydney, is to simply keep asking questions, starting off with  what customers desire, and for what and where they plan on using their bicycle. From there on out, it’s very easy to help them through their personal shopping experience, from choosing a style to actually riding the bike and finding the best fit. Last step, when it comes to getting your perfect ride is to pick the right accessories that go along with it. It can be a big basket to carry around whilst shopping at the market, or a baby seat allowing your little one to come along for a ride.

Not only can Lekker Bikes help you customize the bike – from adding a rack to changing saddle and grips, but also tyres – it also offers additional bike servicing. The first service is free for our customers and happens at the back of the store, in the workshop. This place is where you’d also be able to get upgrades for your bike and any kind of other maintenance if so needed.

So what’s so special about our shop?

The best thing about our Sydney store? Is the amazing location, situated in a lively neighbourhood. The place is filled with local gems and it represents something special for Lekker Bikes, as our brand aspires to become a part of the community. It’s a great opportunity not only for us to develop ourselves as an Australian brand, but also to be part of something remarkable. It gives us the chance to give customers a more personal shopping and after sale experience, which we at Lekker Bikes find key when it comes to customers happiness.

We hope this article helped you get a better understanding of what you’d be able to experience if making a short stop to our Sydney store. Whether you’re a beginner or a bicycle lover, feel free to come by for a test ride, some more information or just a chat with one of our crew members! We’d be more than happy to help you.