Health Benefits to Owning and Riding an eBike

These days, as roads become more congested with traffic, it is becoming more and more common for people to choose alternative methods for transport. One such method, is riding a bike. Not only is riding a great form of exercise, however it also provides you with an opportunity to be outside in the open air, enjoying the sun and the wind as it rushes past you on the road. With bicycle lane improvements also being implemented within many cities around the world – Melbourne being one of them, it is providing riders with an opportunity to feel safer and more at ease on the road.

Pair all of this positivity to advances in technology and it becomes quite obvious that the next progression amongst all of this, is, electric-powered bikes. Otherwise known, as an eBike. eBikes can be seen to indeed offer all of the benefits that a regular bike does, however, with the added ability for a rider, to ride for a longer amount of time without the associated tiredness of a non-powered bike, along with being able to cover a greater amount of distance.

However with this, comes the potentiality of traditional riders, to feel like those who ride an eBike, are, cheating. However, as mentioned in a recent ‘Men’s Fitness’ Article, it more comes down to how you make use of the bike – as a fitness tool for assistance as opposed to substitution. In doing so, you’re able to enjoy the best of both-worlds – gaining all of the exercise benefits, whilst being able to ride a further distance in potentially less time. Read on to hear more about the benefits, surrounding owning and riding an eBike – available in both our Melbourne, and, Sydney shop!

Easier Travel
It is said that most people who rule-out riding to work, do so because of the sweat-factor when it comes to riding. However with an eBike – you’re able to have more control over your efforts – ensuring you don’t end up uncomfortably sweaty, whilst on your morning commute.

Due to the eBike having a built-in motor, it weighs in at more than a normal bike. Due to this, it means that when you’re using your own power (pedal power!), that it can be even more of a workout than on a regular bike. This means a solid-workout, particularly, for your core!

A Lighter Carbon Footprint
Since the electric bike doesn’t consume gas, it means that it emits a lot less carbon, than say a car or a motor vehicle would. Talking figures, riding an eBike equates to approximately 8% of emissions in comparison to a motor car – per passenger, and per kilometre of ‘CO2’. Riding an eBike then can make a substantial difference when it comes to overall emissions per passenger, or, rider.

More Savings
Operating costs of an eBike are virtually none. All it takes is a charge of the battery, along with an up-front cost of purchasing the bike and you’re out there and riding. Compare this with owning and operating a car which requires regular refuelling, and you begin to notice you may be able to save a considerable amount when it comes to owning an eBike over a certain period of time. You may have to replace the battery once in a while (potentially a couple hundred-dollars), however, take the time to do the maths and you may be able to save a fair amount of money when it comes to transportation-costs.

Safer Riding
Comparable to a motor car, an eBike can be seen to pose much less of a risk when it comes to safety on the roads. Ensuring this strays true however, means to abide by the bicycle safety rules wherever you may be. Within Australia, this means to ride with a helmet, and within the specified bike-lanes when you’re able. It is also said that bikes, of any kind, are more stable when in motion, than, cars.

With the above information surrounding eBikes, we at Lekker hope that we’ve provided you with some helpful insights when it comes to the benefits of riding an eBike! Whether you’re wanting to cruise on into the Melbourne CBD or, cruise alongside Sydney’s beaches, the eBike can be your next ticket to cruising around with a little more ease, whilst also obtaining the health benefits you can get from a regular non-assisted-ride. For any further information on our own eBike, or, if you’d like to try it out for yourself, feel free to pop-in to one of our Melbourne or Sydney Stores, today.