The Commuter Diet – Meal Planning for your ride to work

Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet

Like any form of exercise – cycling – whether it’s on a commuter bike or a cruiser bike – comes with it not only the enjoyment of being out in the open air – but also the chance to make use of some of the biggest muscle groups within the body. Namely the quadriceps, and, the hamstrings. Because of this, at times it can require a significant amount of energy to transport you, and your bike – to wherever it is that you may be going. Whether it’s to the workplace, or to the swimming pool, or into the city, or towards the suburbs, it can help to gain a deeper sense of awareness as to what it is that you may be putting into your body. This will not only help you whilst you’re on the bike, but at times off of the bike too, to ensure that you’re able to stay healthy and of course to get the most from life.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is an essential mineral for our body, found within our red blood cells and assisting us with the transportation of oxygen around the body – from the lungs, to the muscles, as well as, to all of our other organs. Sufficient oxygen transportation throughout the body means that our energy levels are able to remain stable throughout the day, making us less likely to experience unfavourable symptoms such as fatigue or even, headaches.

What to eat in order to avoid these? Meals that can provide a healthy source of iron. This can include foods such as beans, dark leafy greens, dried fruit such as raisins and apricots, as well as breads, and, pastas. Red meat, pork, seafood as well as poultry can also provide iron to your body.

Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet


Fluids / Hydration

Like any form of exercise, it’s important when you’re planning to cycle – especially on a commuter bike, that you stay well, hydrated. This means planning ahead of time and ensuring that you consume enough fluids to not only have before and during your ride, but also after. To ensure that your replenish all that which you may have lost during your exercise. When it comes to choose your fuel, there are a range of options. One in particular – is the unbeatable and time-tested – H20.

If however you’re in need of replacing more specifically the things that you may have lost during your ride – vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, electrolytes, sports drinks may be what you’re after. Popular ones can be Powerade, Gatorade, as well as, Staminade.


Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet


Balancing Carbohydrates

For our body to function properly, we require a balance of three key nutrients. These are: carbohydrates, proteins, and, fats. All of these contain differing amounts of calories that we use as energy. For cycling in particular, carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source and are found inside of our muscles. Or, as fat if we may exceed that which we may require.

As a cyclist on a commuter bike, or a cruiser bike, your weekly requirement for carbohydrates will differ. Of course, depending on the amount of kilometres that you will be riding. A nice way to ensure that you’re consuming enough – is to include some within each of your meals or snacks – throughout the day. Ideally a fist-sized portion of a low-glycaemic carbohydrate. This means – foods such as wholegrains, fruits, and, veggies. These are also reffered to as ‘slow burn’ carbs – as, they provide you with a sustained source of energy, over time. This, may look something like oats for breakfast, a small piece of fruit mid-morning and mid-afternoon – a wholegrain sandwich during lunch, and of course, some rice or quinoa for dinner. Overall however – you simply can’t go wrong with a diet that is balanced. One that is balanced within all three of these nutrient groups. One that may assist you in staying healthy as well as vibrant, both on – and off of, the bike.


Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet


Portable / On-the-go Foods

Often times, before exercise – it can be helpful to have a quick energy-boosting snack. To ensure, that you’ll get through your workout without any problems – as well as your post-workout comfortably. If this is the case, it can help to have smartly-timed snacks to give your body the energy that it needs. It is recommended to keep things small – consuming a pre-workout snack approximately 45 – 60 minutes, prior to exercise. This may look like a palm-full of carbohydrates, a half palm-full of protein and a quarter palm-full of, fat

Some examples of pre-workout snacks may include a fruit and nut smoothie, a nut bar, avocado with eggs on toast, a wholemeal energy bar, or some carrots – with dip. Some post-workout snacks could be some trail-mix, any sort of fruit(s), a protein bar, a green smoothie, or some homemade cheese and fruit, crackers. Of course the most important thing overall is to ensure that things remain balanced. That you’re feeding your body what it may need for what it is that you’ll be doing. For further and more in-depth meal ideas, pre, during and post workout – feel free to jump online and have a look around. See what may work for you and your needs – both on and off of the bike, too.


Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet


At Lekker, we hope that the above outlines, hope to assist you in your next ride – whether it be on your commuter bike to work, out to the suburbs, or both. Whether or not you own a Lekker Commuter Bike, or, are simply looking to purchase one to get you riding – Lekker Bikes have a range of cycles suited for every age, as well as every style, of rider. At Lekker, we hope that you’ll be able to find what it is that you’re after at any of our shops – Both within Melbourne, as well, as Sydney. Or of course, within any of our retailers that stock our range of bicycles. At Lekker, we wish you all the best with your next commute and hope to see and hear from you, soon – and, to assist you with your next two wheeled, top quality, ride.