The Classic Cruiser – A buyer’s guide to the Jordaan Series

With bikes suited to everyone – Mens Commuter as well as Ladies Cruiser Bikes, it, won’t be long until you find your perfect ride here at Lekker. Whether you’re in need of a speedy Commuter, or a more upright-styled Cruiser, Lekker Bikes have a wide range of bikes to suit all of your needs. One of our Cruiser Bikes in particular, is our Lekker Jordaan. Possessing an effortless mix of style, comfort along with exceptional build quality and some high quality componentry. It presents itself as an ideal option – for those looking to purchase a premium bike. Whether it be within our Ladies Cruiser Bikes or Mens Cruiser Bikes, ranges.

At Lekker, we understand that when it comes to buying a bike it can be difficult to know where to begin. To make things a little easier – we’ve gone ahead and outlined some key aspects and components, of our Jordaan Series Cruiser – helping you to make that next bike-purchase decision with a little more comfort, and, ease. Below you’ll find more info on our Ladies Cruiser Bikes, and, Mens Cruiser Bikes within, the – Jordaan range.

Function and Comfort

The Lekker Jordaan Mens as well as Ladies Cruiser Bikes – are styled, on the typical Dutch Transportation Bicycle – standing for Lekker’s true – Dutch heritage. It combines a typical cruiser bike’s upright riding position with quite possibly the most comfortable saddle, you’ll, experience. In turn creating an unmatched sense of comfort whilst in motion. Along with this it comes fitted with fat tyres and a double hand brake – enabling you a greater sense of stability whilst on the road, along with an unmatched sense of safety, within all situations. The frame itself – is made from aluminium. Making it lightweight and yet, robust. Simply ideal for moving around the city and also making it suitable for those longer trips out to and from, the suburbs. The aluminium of course – allowing it to remain totally maintenance, as well as rust – free.

Adding a further sense of function is its unmatched carrying capacity. Coming fitted with a colour matching front carrier, you’re able to easily fit on a wooden crate or, fancy Lekker Wicker Basket – to carry those extra goods that you may need to transport around along with a bungie cable too. With an option to also add a rear carrier for an added 25kgs carrying capacity, you’re able to add to this an extra load – at, the rear.

Exceptional Quality

The Lekker Jordaan is built with exceptional quality. In particular – fitted with the highest performing Shimano internal gearing hubs. These are well protected from grease, dirt, as well as being 100% maintenance, free. Coming in a 7-speed option it offers a wide gear ratio that is perfectly suited for metro and country roads enabling also seamless gear, shifting.

Ensuring you stay visible at night the Jordaan comes fitted with a premium LED light set – developed by Dutch, manufacturer ‘Spanninga’. Ensuring not to compromise in style, the lights have been fitted to match effortlessly with the Jordaan’s – vintage style.


Dialling into the details of the Lekker Jordaan, it comes with an impressive list of specs, all designed to bring you the highest sense of quality – along with bike performance. The Lekker Jordaan will do nothing other than provide you a bicycle that is simply unmatched within the class of its own. Coming in two size options – it’s suitable for a wide variety of ages, and heights – a medium-sized frame most suitable for those between 155cm and 175cm tall, and, a large-sized frame most suitable for those between 170cm to – 195cm tall.

  • 100% Aluminium frame and Fork
  • Lightweight at 15kg
  • 7 Speed Shimano Internal Gearing
  • Double Shimano Hand Brake
  • Wide set and spacious frame
  • Internal cabling
  • Premium LED Front and Rear Lights
  • Rear Aluminium Carrier Rack
  • Comfortable Saddle and Grips
  • Aluminium Rims and Spokes
  • Kickstand, Bell and BungiesJordaan Womens - Size Chart


At Lekker we have a wide range of premium Dutch styled bikes to suit all styles. Whether you’re after something to zip you to the workplace and back each day, or, a more relaxed, weekend cruiser-styled ride – our Lekker Mens and, Ladies Cruiser Bikes – are designed, with the customers needs at the very core. With Bikes also for kids – we truly do – have a ride for, everybody.