- A Striking and Versatile Crowd Magnet -

The Lekker Company Shields

Whether part of a large ad campaign or your brand’s first message to the world, LEKKER’s Shield bikes is an exciting new way for both small and large brands to reach and engage audiences. There’s no limit to where your ad can go. Riders become your brand ambassadors, sending your message across town, bringing your brand to the streets!

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Mothers Day Special

Testimonial (Coming Soon)

Watch one of our very first mechanics explain why he believes the Lekker Sportief Series is above everyone’s expectations and makes it the perfect Mothers Day Gift! (Coming Soon!)


Our shields are constructed with a super lightweight double sided advertising panel designed to be a snug fit on our bikes, so the riders won’t feel a thing as they glide around town.  They are easy to print & fit, making it no trouble to refresh your message over and over for multiple ad campaigns, promotions, or events. Want to light up the night? No problem, add an internal LED light box to really stand out from the crowd.


Rooted in Dutch design, LEKKER bikes not only look fantastic but are a breeze to ride. We offer a broad range of high-quality bicycles to appeal to all audiences. They come equipped with a Bolted-on frame lock, with key that is non-retrievable unless locked, or the option of an keyless Bluetooth lock with GPS system; tracked and secure via your phone app.


As digital gurus, we believe in the power of social media. We’ll make sure to cross promote your advertisement on our channels including on Facebook and Instagram to reach as many people as possible.


Our packages are fully customizable and scalable. Adjust the amount of bikes in circulation and the duration of your campaign according to your budget. Need some guidance? No problem, our team is on standby to help you determine what will work best.

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