What sort of warranty and guarantee cover my Canyon bike?

The bike and its components are covered under a two-year warranty, excluding wearing parts. Wearing parts include bearings, seals, cables, cable housing, all lubricants, oil, grease and brake fluid, chain, sprocket, chainrings, brake pads, tyres, bar grips and bar tape, derailleur hangers, among others. Following our two-year statutory warranty we also provide a voluntary guarantee for an additional four years (resulting in a six-year guarantee in total) on frames and forks on road, triathlon, urban and fitness bikes, and on mountain bike frames (excluding bearings and suspension).

Please note: If your bike has been purchased second hand the warranty counts from the day of purchase by the first owner. This does not include Outlet bikes, which have the same guarantee as new Canyon bikes.

Damage to paintwork or anodising is not covered in this time. We reserve the right to repair defective frames and forks or to replace them with a corresponding successor models. Our guarantee starts from the date of purchase and is only valid for the original owner of the bike. The guarantee only covers the above, other costs such as assembly, transport, etc. are not covered.
Damage caused by incorrect or unintended use, such as negligence (lack of care and maintenance), crashes, excessive stress and modifications to the frame or fork including the installation of additional components is not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee also does not cover damage from jumps or overuse of other kinds.

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