For our women’s bikes, the Jordaan is the larger bicycle in our product range. Its wider wheelbase creates more space between the handlebar and the saddle, leaving more space for your upper body. The Sportief with a 52 cm frame size is also a little bit bigger, but the wheelbase is somewhat shorter than the Jordaan 52 cm frame size. If you want to go for a little bit bigger Dutch-style bike, the Jordaan series is probably the best choice for you.

The tallest men’s frame we have in our assortment are the 62 cm frame sizes. Please note to double check your stand-over height when choosing frame size as the difference between the 58 cm and the 62 cm frame size can be quite significant. The choice between the 58 cm and the 62 cm frame is based on the length of your upper body and legs and therefore differs for everyone.

Please feel free to inquire with our team regarding which model is most suitable for you; we are always happy to help.