If you live in Australia, you can register your bicycle with the National Bike Register which was initiated by Police to combat bike theft. Thousands of bikes are stolen every year. Bikes are easy to steal, difficult to identify and a quick and easy earn for organised and opportunistic thieves. Police departments use these databases to check for ownership when they receive recovered bikes. When a bike is marked stolen, it gives them a quick way to get in touch and reunite the bike with the rightful owner. The best chance of recovering a stolen bicycle is by having a registered serial number. We strongly recommend registering the serial number of each Lekker Bicycle in your ownership. The information you’ll need to register your bike is the following:

The unique serial number identifies the make and the model of your bike. You’ll find the serial number just underneath the bottom bracket of the bike where the crank arms meet the frame.

Register your Lekker Bicycle here: National Bike Register. For customers that reside outside of Australia: there are similar registers in most countries. A quick visit to Google should help you find your country’s bike registry.