7 Heavenly Biking Adventures in Australia

a man bicycling through australian bush

It’s no secret that Australia is full of outdoor adventures like hiking, surfing, fishing and many other activities… but did you know Australia has some of the most exciting bike trails suitable for every kind of trailblazer? Below you will find a brief description of some of the most beautiful, exciting, and sometimes– treacherous, bike trails in the country!
a man bicycling through australian bush

Mawson Trail

This trail starts from downtown Adelaide and goes all the way through to Flinders Ranges — a distance of approximately 900km. This trail is ideal for mountain bikers or anyone looking to dive  (or cycle!) in to long distance off-road cycling.  The trail consists mainly of dirt roads and farm tracks and passes through some of the area’s best wine regions. If you get tired of cycling you can even take a climb up Mt Remarkable where you can take in the the beautiful and scenic view, or visit some of the other remote and peaceful areas.

Munda Biddi Trail

This is another long distance trail but it is full of exciting long stretches through an obscure single trail.  Fortunately the area is littered with places to replenish supplies every few days,  spend the night, or gather your bearings from the several maps and signs located throughout the area. This trail is peaceful and serene with no traffic, and mostly isolation. However one must bear in mind that this is not a standard bike tour. After a long day’s effort, you will find your self totally exhilarated, followed by deep exhaustion!

Cape York

This trail is one heck of a roller-coaster ride. Arguably one of the country’s most challenging and treacherous bike adventures– this is one you definitely want to try. This trail boasts an ample amount of hills, dirt roads, paved roads, and tonnes and tonnes of heat! The only thing combating the amount of heat is the sheer amount of distance through this trail. While this trail is relatively populated, and has frequent traffic— it is a popular spot to 4WD, with scattered camp-sites to rest, resupply and get some water.

The Oodnadatta Track

This trail takes you through some of SA’s driest landscape. This bike-adventure is for the type of trailblazer who enjoys vast expanses of nothingness, and absolutely serene and surreal beauty. Occasionally there are small areas of civilisation where bikers can resupply before heading to some exciting features of the track such as South Lake Eyre or Coward Springs. By the time you finish this trail you will be well on your way to Central Australia.

 Karijini National Park

Accessed through the  Millstream Chichester National Park, this will carry you straight through Pilbara. This trail is home to some of the most exciting features of Australia.  A tiresome and sometimes difficult ride will feel completely worth it upon encountering the beautiful gorges or the inevitable encounter with tourists following what feels like eons of solitude.  The trail will carry you to Hamersley Range from the coast and straight through to the beautiful WA landscape.


Traversing this trail will take you through Jutpurra National Park, which is now known as the Gregory National Park. This challenging ride is perfect for off-road riders eager for some adventure!  It’s one of the nation’s best off-road challenges, which will bring you from the mouth of nothingness straight into… the heart of nothingness. Yes the trail is travelling through an obscure track in the middle of nowhere, but it is perfect for those who appreciate a quiet, remote and yet — very rugged ride.  It will test the agility of the bike and the rider while it takes you through some incredible, uninhabited areas.

South Coast of Western Australia 

Cycling through this trail will take you through some of the most breathtaking and scenic areas in the country — or even the continent. Scattered throughout the trail, bikers will find some conveniently located campsites, National Parks, and some of the most intimidating — yet beautiful — coastal views around! Here you can enjoy tremendous surf crashing at Yallingup, huge sprawling trees at the Karri and Tingle forests,  or even simply to have a glass of wine at Margaret River wineries. This is definitely a trail that one would be best to take their time through, in order to fully experience the true beauty of the area.