The Freewheels Story Tellers

Max and Tom are two talented young filmmakers from Amsterdam setting out on a mission to combine their love for cycling and travelling into one epic ride… around the world.

The boys are setting out across the globe on their Dutch Bikes from LEKKER to create some compelling films about compelling people. The boys have a very clear mantra “If you’re a company, a creative agency, an NGO, a film producer, or simply a nice person… and if you’ve got a story bursting to be told, then Freewheel Stories will come your way and help you tell it. All we ask for in return is food, shelter and anything else that you would like to contribute to keep our project going.”

LEKKER is proud to be a partner to Max and Tom’s storytelling mission by providing them with two bikes to which they will venture out into the world on. With any luck, the boys might stop by Australia for a tune up! So watch this space and if you feel like you have a story worth telling, get a bed made and get in touch with Max and Tom at