LEKKER Rider – Katja Römer-Schuurman


Katja Römer-Schuurman has been a house hold name in The Netherlands since her first TV appearance in 1993, winning the hearts of Dutch boys across the nation.

Katja has a special place in our heart as she chooses to cruise around on her mint green LEKKER Jordaan. Stylish, classic and beautifully Dutch – the LEKKER Jordaan and Katja are very well matched!

We met Katja in a restaurant in Amsterdam, and eventually the conversation turned to her four-year-old daughter who, like most Dutch kids, is very keen to start cycling around their city.

Katja thought the vintage-style Jordaan was the right bike for her to ride alongside her daughter, and show her how Dutch urban cycling is done.

Katja Römer-Schuurman is LEKKER.


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