Australian Bicycle Clubs Offer Guidance to New Riders

a woman cycling through a city street

a woman cycling through a city streetAs bicyclists become an ordinary encounter in urban areas of Australia, there are more and more new riders hitting the streets. While it is great that more people are embracing alternatives to gas-guzzling vehicles and are showing a greater interest in staying healthy, new riders are sometimes a danger to themselves and others. That is why bicycle clubs are such a tremendous resource.

Bicycle clubs often arrange group rides and hold charity events that benefit the needy in various communities, but they also provide information to people interested in hitting the streets on a bicycle. Clubs help new riders learn the rules of the road while introducing them to the health aspects of bike riding. Many clubs are focused more on mountain or off-road bicycling, but they still help riders improve their riding skills and may offer information regarding riding in on-road settings.

Anyone interested in learning to ride in Australia should contact their local bike club and sign up for group rides, informational seminars and other events. The more on-bike experience gained, the more proficient a rider becomes in all riding situations. The following bike clubs offer programs specifically for beginners.

Australian Mountain Biking Clinics (AMBC)

This bicycle club focuses on mountain biking, but the Skills Weekends offered are perfect for bike riders trying to improve their riding skills. The club also offers beginner-level programs dedicated to helping women develop a passion for mountain biking. Some programs are also offered for younger riders who want to develop their skill.

Vikings Cycling Club

This bicycle club has been active in the Canberra area for more than eight years, and the Novice Program has helped many new bike riders safely merge into the streets everyday and on race day. The club offers road races that help riders improve skill while raising money for good causes, but other programs are dedicated to all aspects of biking on the roads in Australia.

Bicycle Wagga Wagga

If you live or work anywhere near Wagga Wagga, then you can participate in regularly scheduled bike rides designed to promote safe and healthy riding. There are three rides offered each month plus specially scheduled rides at designated dates throughout the year. These rides are perfect for new riders interested in learning the rules of the road and exploring different biking destinations in the Wagga Wagga area.

Whitehorse Cyclist

This club takes riding well beyond the streets of urban Australia. Members journey through various cities and biking routes around the world as a group. You don’t have to join every excursion, but you may want to join a couple to improve your biking skill and learn how to maneuver a variety of settings and situations while in the company of more experienced bike riders.

Australian roads will see more bicyclers merging into traffic and maneuvering curbs in the future. Many large cities are developing safer bike routes to allow bicyclists to get where they need to go without fighting motored vehicles. Riders still need to improve their skills and learn the rules of the road in order to safely bike in traffic. Bicycle clubs are a great resource for gaining this knowledge and experience.