- Our all-terrain eCruiser -

The OutBack eBike Series

Now available in Australia. The Outback embodies our Dutch and Australian DNA to it’s fullest. Perfected in it’s all-terrain approach and as comfortable as possible. A premium Mid-Drive eBike that will put a smile on your face. Practical, efficient and durbale. Ready to make way. Now available in store.

- The OutBack -

The OutBack is perhaps the most surprising newcomer in our LEKKER Range in Australia.

Perfected in it’s all-terrain approach and as comfortable as possible. A premium Mid-Drive eBike that will put a smile on your face. Practical, efficient and durbale. With a whole range of upgrades you can really built an eBike that fits your needs. No matter if you’re cruising inner city streets, dirt roads or the vast country side. The OutBack is ready to Go!



Find your Trail

The OutBack’s name says it all, it is built to handle anything you can throw at it. With the OutBack we offer you the power to explore your world. From city to gravel roads in the vast landscapes of Australia. The fat Kenda tyres will take you on an easy cruise soaking up holes with easy and delivering traction to climb the steepest hills. With 2 battery options (11.6ah & 14.5ah) you can extend your travels. The newest BAFANG Mid-Engine puts you in full control. In spite of generous power output and maximum torque of more than 80 N.m, the motor operates in virtual silence. The motor is equipped with a last generation Torque sensor

Incredibly Powerful

With the newest Mid-Drive Motor by Bafang it’s all about smarter power control. The Max Drive System puts you in complete control. The bike’s torque sensor constantly measures how hard you pedal and calculates the level of assistance. The motor provides more assist the harder you pedal, and less assist the lighter you pedal. This puts you always in control of the bike and keeps your ride safe. No more stress, sweaty rides or bustling traffic all around. Its on-demand acceleration makes you turbo through traffic. Its power can be used to tackle climbs with gradients up to 25% without any effort.

In spite of generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 80Nm (among the most powerful on the market), the motor operates in virtual silence. The Bafang Max Drive System has a 250W motor. It’s extremely silent, almost unperceivable. A torque sensor and two-speed sensors transmit data to the controller with an 80k Hz frequency, allowing a fluid and precise ride.

Sturdy, Comfortable and Practical

The nearly invisible battery pack offers you more than enough capacity from sub to city rides. The easily removable battery offers a range up to 70km on average, giving you peace of mind on all your rides. Running low? No worries. The lightweight aluminium frame still offers a comfortable cycling experience, with or without motor assistance. The battery is developed by Samsung and offers 36V, 11.6AH. Charges in less than 4.5 hours. The battery can be upgraded to a 14.5Ah version to extend your range.

The OutBack is fitted with a compact and premium LCD Display by Bafang. It shows battery charge, instant speed, and mileage. It can be easily read also with direct sunlight thanks to the high contrast display. The handlebar controller has been developed to be perfectly ergonomic, extremely strong and easy to use.

Composed to Perfection

As cyclists ourselves we believe durability and comfort are the most important aspects of cycling. Therefore we’ve chosen only the best Shimano Internal gear hubs for the OutBack. The Nexus hub is well protected to grease, dirt and 100% maintenance free. The Shimano Nexus 8 Speed offers a wide gear ratio and is perfectly suited for metro areas and country roads. Enjoy seamless gear shifting with the slight twist of your wrist making your ride appear effortlessly cool powered by the Bafang Center Motor.

The OutBack can be fitted with the Gates CDX Carbon Drive Belt drive system (Ratio 54/24). Created with stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords. The advanced urethane technology allows the belt to be weather resistant, flexible and durable. The superior technological advantages of low noise and zero maintenance of the belt are truly irresistible.

The OutBack is standard fitted with optimal stopping power, with a reliable and premium Tekro Hydraulic Disc brake Set, including premium levers to ensure powerful braking in any condition. Expect smooth and direct braking experience, that comes with the right look as well.