- The Ultimate Dutch Transporter Electric Bicycle-

Ride effortless and in comfort!

Technology meets practicality in the most beautiful of forms.
Discover our brand new Electric Jordaan Series.

- A prototypical vintage Dutch Bike -

Available in Denim Blue, Classic Black and Linen Cream.

The Jordaan+ encapsulates ultimate freedom, no longer will long-distance, hills, and headwinds slow you down. A modern take on the classic Dutch Bicycle that ticks all boxes – it’s comfortable, powerful, durable and stylish, allowing you to travel anywhere a conventional bike can, with less effort, and just as much, if not more fun. But don’t just take our word for it. The Jordaan+ awaits you.


Front Hub Motor – Powerful, Slim and Silent

At the intersection of function and form the Lekker eBike Jordaan+ integrates the latest NuVinci gearshift technology to deliver an unparalleled riding experience – smooth robust and fast-paced. The eBike is the workhorse of the Lekker Bikes Portfolio. The powerful 250 watt (14.5 AH) front hub motor gently propels you forward with a five stage pedal-assist riding system.


Lightweight and Indestructible Gearing

The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Integrated hub is proven to be the best possible hub for our inner-city commuter eBike range. No fussing around with multiple gear choices, but a perfected 3 range gearing hub that is not only the most durable on the market, but it’s lightweight and simplistic approach makes it a perfect fit to your daily commuter. It’s all about weight saving, practicality and simplicity. The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed is a match made.


Reliable & Strong

The reliable and strong 36v Lithium Battery can take you between 50km to 85km on one single charge. Easily remove the batttery for inside charging. Get a full charge in just 5 hours!


The Total Dutch Package

Notably, the Jordaan+ eBike retains the character and heritage of a traditional Dutch commuter bike. This bike is built for purpose and everyday users will benefit from its all-terrain ability.

Smart: Every Jordaan is fitted with the Jordaan Headset lock, an accessory that makes your daily commute so much easier! Our Jordaan Series is designed for daily use, to carry shoppings, bags and to fit a baby seat to the front or rear the Shimano Headset lock is the perfect solution.