85% – Smaller box, lower shipping costs, fast delivery. 

Your bike will be delivered 85% assembled, the remainder is to be built by you: you will need to assemble the front wheel, pedals, steering and seat yourself. You also need to check the brakes and gear system. Guidelines are provided on the Manuals section of the website. Basic mechanical skills are recommended for this delivery option.

Rates vary from $25

Note: This option is not available for our eBike range.

98% – Full roadworthy bike delivered to your home.

An option for our conventional (non-eBikes) bikes and a standard shipping method for our eBikes. This means that your bike is already assembled at our assembly facility in Melbourne. All our eBikes are tested and carefully packed. At arrival, you simply fit the pedals, adjust the handlebar and saddle. If your bicycle comes with a front carrier rack or additional accessories, these will need to be installed at delivery. But we’re always available to assist.

Rates vary from $25