The Commuter Diet – Meal Planning for your ride to work

Lekker Bikes Commuter Bikes - Diet

Like any form of exercise – cycling – whether it’s on a commuter bike or a cruiser bike – comes with it not only the enjoyment of being out in the open air – but also the chance to make use of some of the biggest muscle groups within the body. Namely the quadriceps, and, […]

Accessories: The Essential Checklist for your Lekker Bike

Leather Saddle

Here at Lekker Bikes, we have a wide range of accessories to suit all of your biking needs. Whether you’re riding every day, or more of a casual, weekend cyclist, our range of accessories can provide you with that extra level of comfort and ease that you’re looking for. Whether you’re riding one of our […]

Lekker’s take on the Melbourne Bicycle Plan, 2016 – 2020

Throughout recent years, there have been significant efforts made by the City of Melbourne to improve Melbourne’s bicycle infrastructure. To not only increase bike safety, but to encourage more Melburnians to get pedalling. With improved bike lanes, better connections and more links to bike trails, we are now experiencing what you could call, the beginning […]

Lekker Bikes x Hey Gents @The Fashion Week in Sydney

Every year, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia sets up in Sydney to celebrate the fashion and culture that define the Australian style. This year, Lekker Bikes and Hey Gents combine their strengths and visit the event, bringing with us some amazing looking Sportief Lekker Bikes. Hey Gents have introduced their first edition of their magazine. With […]

Protect yourself with these cycling safety tips

Lekker Bikes Premium Retro Vintage Bicycles

The greatest advantage of any cyclist in our home town of Amsterdam is that everyone is a cyclist. This means that everyone driving a car there is aware of the bikes on the road. In the Netherlands, people are cautious when opening their car doors in case a cyclist may be riding along, and looking […]

A City-Wide Bike Lane, that goes through the heart of Berlin

City wide bike lane

As a bike enthusiasts we love to read about initiatives to improve and expand the cycling community. What they are going to build in Berlin is such a great idea. This could also be a perfect fit for in for example Melbourne or Amsterdam. For years now urban cycling in Europe is getting more and […]


Product Highlights Amsterdam Commuter Bicycle Aluminium Fixie Style

HOW LEKKER’S AMSTERDAM SERIES IS REVOLUTIONISING THE URBAN COMMUTE Cycling is no longer just a hobby for the weekends. It can be a part of your everyday life adding value to your journey. Commuter bicycles make your daily travel a breeze, avoiding grid-lock or squeezing onto a train, tram or bus in peak hour traffic. […]

LEKKER Bikes x The Green Happiness


Cycling (LEKKER Bikes) and healthy food are match made in heaven and that is exactly why we did a special collaboration with the Dutch ladies from the blog The Green Happiness. Their mission is making Dutch people healthier and greener. So what’s healthier and greener than cycling on our LEKKER vintage bicycles through the lovely streets of […]

Lekker cycling in Amsterdam

  Our friends in Holland show us how it’s done! Sunny day, the city your playground, and retro bikes from LEKKER…