LEKKER x Sarah

Sara Imm is what we call a “non-stop” woman. She created an innovative business around five years ago, and after seeing the banks going crazy without her talent, she came back to the corporate world. She now divides her time across her business, the financial industry, and last but not least, her beautiful children… What […]

The 6 Year Story of Dutch Sensation LEKKER Bikes

man and woman on canal in amsterdam with two vintage bikes

LEKKER: The Early Days The LEKKER story begins in 2009. When Dutch globetrotter Meindert Wolfraad set foot on the infamous Bondi Beach on a sunny, summer afternoon. Meindert thought, I could definitely stick around in a place like this – great weather, friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and plenty of opportunity. There was just one thing […]

City of Melbourne To Be Made Safer for All Cyclists

bike with basket and street in sunlight in the background

Building better bike paths are part of the answer to encourage more people to ride to work, ride for exercise, or ride for leisure activities. However, it’s not just adding better quality bike paths that will encourage more people to ride to work. It’s also about other things, including elements as simple as good showers […]

The Freewheels Story Tellers

Max and Tom are two talented young filmmakers from Amsterdam setting out on a mission to combine their love for cycling and travelling into one epic ride… around the world. The boys are setting out across the globe on their Dutch Bikes from LEKKER to create some compelling films about compelling people. The boys have […]

LEKKER Rider – Ellen Hoog

LEKKER can translate as something you are proud of, that you endorse and we couldn’t be prouder of our two-time Olympic field hockey champion Ellen Hoog. When Ellen isn’t slicing it up on the pitch, she loves zipping around the streets of Amsterdam on her LEKKER Sportief. The Sportief is classic Dutch bike look with a modern […]

LEKKER Rider – Katja Römer-Schuurman

Katja Römer-Schuurman has been a house hold name in The Netherlands since her first TV appearance in 1993, winning the hearts of Dutch boys across the nation. Katja has a special place in our heart as she chooses to cruise around on her mint green LEKKER Jordaan. Stylish, classic and beautifully Dutch – the LEKKER […]

LEKKER Rider – Cato Van Ee

At only 24, Cato van Ee is one of the Netherlands’ most successful models. Right now Cato is living in New York, where she has evolved into a rising star. Cato gets around busy Manhattan on a blue LEKKER Jordaan, a classic vintage-style bicycle. This urban vintage bike is perfect for Cato, who enjoys the Dutch […]

Guess what Kyly Clarke got for her wedding anniversary?

  The LEKKER Sportief: Choice of Champions! From the Daily Telegraph today: THEY’RE in no rush for children yet but cricketer Michael Clarke was certainly fast in picking up wife Kyly’s hint for a two-year wedding anniversary present. Kyly posted a photo of a LEKKER Sportief bike on Instagram a week ago with the clue, […]

4 Ideas to Bling-Up Your Bike

bike noisemaker with ace of spades

Have you ever considered putting your personal brand on your bicycle? Women have long known the importance of a signature look. Think Audrey Hepburn’s black turtleneck. Here are ideas to help you define your style. Coloured Bike Chains You can’t have too many coloured bike chains. Not only are coloured bike chains attention-grabbers, they are […]

Cycling in Holland: Windmills, Tulips and Bikes! Oh My!

a bicycle on a dutch tulip farm

Marvel at miles and miles of tulips. Thousands of windmills will beguile you. But, you may not be prepared to see bicycles in all four directions. Welcome to Holland, where cycling is the go-to mode of transportation and recreation of choice. And if you want to do as the Dutch do, better rent yourself a […]