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2020 Release:
The 4rd Generation Lekker E-Jordaan Series

Lekker is proud to announce our newest addition to the Lekker family, the new 4rd Generation Lekker E-Jordaan Series. You’ll enjoy commuting like never before, with our lighter and faster e-bikes.

So, what’s new?

Lightweight Shimano 3 Speed Nexus Integrated Hub
> New Color Scheme: Linen Cream

> Centre mounted Display with built-in Backlight
> Improved Bafang Front Motor: Improved Torque for uphill rides
> Adjustable Handlebar Stem adding comfort and adjustability
> Improved CST E-Bike Tyre Anti-Puncture

Our new eBike encapsulates ultimate freedom, no longer will long-distance, hills, and headwinds slow you down. The new Lekker E-Jordaan ticks all the boxes – it’s comfortable, fast, durable and stylish, allowing you to travel anywhere a conventional bike can, with less effort, and just as much, if not more fun. But don’t just take our word for it, come check out our new eBikes today!


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Front Hub Motor – Powerful, Slim and Silent

At the intersection of function and form the Lekker eBike E-Jordaan integrates the latest NuVinci gearshift technology to deliver an unparalleled riding experience – smooth robust and fast-paced. The eBike is the workhorse of the Lekker Bikes Portfolio. The powerful 250 watt (14.5 AH) front hub motor gently propels you forward with a five stage pedal-assist riding system.

LEKKER Classic Dutch Bike Front Rack

Lightweight and Indestructible Gearing

The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Integrated hub is proven to be the best possible hub for our inner-city commuter eBike range. No fussing around with multiple gear choices, but a perfected 3 range gearing hub that is not only the most durable on the market, but it’s lightweight and simplistic approach makes it a perfect fit to your daily commuter. It’s all about weight saving, practicality and simplicity. The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed is a match made.

LEKKER Classic Dutch Bike Front Rack
LEKKER Classic Dutch Bike With A Basket

Reliable & Strong

The reliable and strong 36v Lithium Battery can take you between 50km to 85km on one single charge. Easily remove the batttery for inside charging. Get a full charge in just 5 hours!

LEKKER Classic Dutch Bike With A Basket

The Total Dutch Package

Notably, the Jordaan eBike retains the character and heritage of a traditional Dutch commuter bike. This bike is built for purpose and everyday users will benefit from its all-terrain ability.

Smart: Every Jordaan is fitted with the Jordaan Headset lock, an accessory that makes your daily commute so much easier! Our Jordaan Series is designed for daily use, to carry shoppings, bags and to fit a baby seat to the front or rear the Shimano Headset lock is the perfect solution.

Why buy a Lekker?

  • Premium Dutch Design

    Lekker Bikes stands for premium quality, based on our widely acclaimed Dutch Bicycle Design. Yes, we’re not the cheapest, but we believe bikes should be built to last.More

    Our bikes come with everything a modern day commuter could simply ask for. Premium 100% aluminium and lightweight frames, rust proof materials and premium components. Carefully selected and designed at our Amsterdam office. Our products embody style combined with a practical approach in its most purest form.

  • Quick & Safe Shipping

    We’ll ship your Lekker Bicycle right to your front door – quick, easy and insured. We cover shipments all over Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.More

    To keep shipping rates low, your bike will be shipped in a bike box 85% assembled (the same way the shops get ‘em!). We will hook you up with everything you need (necessary info, tools, user manual etc) and you can build it on your own terms.

  • Shop Tax Free!

    All Orders from outside Australia are shipped TAX FREE*. At Check-Out Page the Tax will be automatically deducted from your purchase.More

    *Please be aware that you may be charged import duty or taxes upon recieving the goods in your country. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Ride Now, Pay Later

    We want you to purchase a premium quality bicycle so you can enjoy every single ride for years to come. We have partnered up with Zip Money to enhance your payment experience.More

    Expect no hidden fees or unfair interst terms. Simply get exactly what you deserve.

  • Built to Last

    We can’t stress it enough: we strive to offer a long-lasting positive cycling experience. Our bikes come with 100% aluminium lightweight frames and rust-free components – without any surprises.More

    What you see is what you get. Expect premium components, reliable Shimano gearing features and a comfortable up-right seating position. Ride like a king! Our bikes are made to be used daily. Select the bike of your dreams knowing you can always fall back on our amazing returns policy. You can purchase a Lekker Bicycle and spend 14 days getting to know it. Ride it without limitations and make sure you’ll enjoy every single minute. In case you have any doubts, contact us and we will help you out. We’ll refund your money and take care of the return shipping.

  • Premium 2 year warranty

    A Lekker Bike is designed to last. To put money where the mouth is, we offer a 2 year warranty on all our frames and components. Our bikes are build to go the distance and bring an endless smileto your face.More

    For tips and tricks to give your bicycle the right love and care, you can always contact us. We’re happy to help!

  • One size fits almost all

    Always find a bike that fits you comfortably. Our bicycles are designed with simplicity in mind and fit most riders. As long as you are taller than 150cm and no taller than 210cm, we will have a LEKKER Bicycle perfect for you.More

    We even offer some of our bikes in 2 sizes for the less experienced cyclists. If you have any doubts, simply contact us so we can help you in making the right decision.

  • Worldwide service - 24/7

    No worries: that’s our Australian mentality. Bring your questions straight to our dedicated team and we’ll have them answered in 24 hours. You can make use of our LiveChat which is manned by real human beings.More

    Contact us by phone, or send us an e-mail (info.au@lekkerbikes.com). We are working from our Stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Melbourne. So expect a fast answer to your questions.

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