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The E-Jordaan Ebike

The E-Jordaan Series is the populair model in the Lekker Ebike Range. Inspired on the tradition Dutch transportation bicycle it offers both practicality and comfort. We’ve spiced it up a little adding modern day design.

Find yourself riding a powerful 250w eBike with extra Torque for a hilly enviroment. Get yours today with a stunning $ 400 discount!

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Function & Comfort

The E-Jordaan is an E-Bike designed with function and comfort in mind. With it’s lightweight yet robust aluminium frame it’s 100% maintenance free and rust proof. The Jordaan offers a comfortable upright riding position, added with fat tyres, double hand brakes and possibly the most comfortable saddle you ever experienced. It’s standard fitted with a color matching front- and rear carrier for optimal carry capacity. The Lekker E-Bike can be ridden anywhere a conventional bike can, it’s able to carry a load without effort and it’s simply so much fun to ride at all times.

Powerful & Slim

The powerful Front Hub Motor – offering 250w / 14.5 AH – will propel you forward efficiently, spicing up your commute. It makes the hills feel flat, and easily gets you up to speed. The Pedal-Assist system, with 5 levels of power-assist, keeps you in full control of the 250w output.

The reliable and strong Samsung Cell 36v Lithium Battery can take you between 50km to 100km on one single charge.

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