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Lekker Bikes Melbourne Bicycle Hire

Our Brand Store is located in North Melbourne near the city and local parks means LEKKER bikes is the perfect spot to rent a bike.

Our range of vintage bikes are the perfect complement to Melbourne’s cultural heritage. Crafted with the finest materials, our retro bikes provide the simplicity and comfort that all Melbournian’s value. A perfect fit for the modern appeal of the city, Lekker is the premium supplier of Dutch bikes in Australia to help you get from point A to B in style.

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Our Rates

  • 6 hours $40
  • 24 hours $60
  • 2 days $80
  • 7 days $120
  • 2 weeks $150
  • 4 weeks $200
  • 6 weeks $250

Amsterdam Matt White Fixie Style

Amsterdam Matt White Fixie Style

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Enter the code GROUPON at check out to make your booking, then present your scannable barcode at our Melbourne showroom when you arrive!