Difference Between 3-Speed and 8-Speed Bikes

Jordaan 3 speed

3-Speed and 8-Speed – At LEKKER Bikes USA and Australia we have two main styles of gearing bikes: the 3-Speed and 8-Speed. These are our Lekker Jordaan Womens 3-Speed, Jordaan Mens 3-Speed and the Amsterdam 3-Speed model, which represent the classic sportive and vintage cruiser bikes. Then there is the Amsterdam 8-Speed, which is a […]

Introducing: The Amsterdam M2 Series

The Amsterdam M2 Series: Minimalism meets practicality, what’s the result? Perfection.  Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest member of the LEKKER Bikes family, the Amsterdam Elite M2 Series. We put a lot of love into making the M2 and the people in Europe love it. We’re ready to share that love with Australia […]

New Study Shows E-Bike Riders Get More Exercise Than Regular Cyclists. 

E-Amsterdam Commuter Grey In A White Room

The use of Electric Bikes is becoming prevalent in today’s society; a new way to cruise through the streets in style – with minimal effort. A recent study, taken in June 2019 has found that e-bike riders ended up slightly ahead of cyclists in terms of total weekly exercise. More than 10,000 European adults were […]

Le Tour De France 2019: Review

Mike Teunissen - First Stage Winner

In its early days, it was mainly competed by French riders, but over the years gained global recognition and has become the world’s most iconic bike race. It is primarily situated in France but has been known from time to time to venture into neighbouring countries. 2019 commenced in Brussels, Belgium and ended on the […]

Meet our newest: The E-Amsterdam

Since our inception, we’ve aimed to create the very best products, ensuring the very best rides. We’ve always aimed to push the boundaries of the cycling world, and we’ve always worked hard to test the limits of comfort and speed. In almost a decade of building widely-acclaimed rides, we’re proud that ‘revolutionary’ has become synonymous […]

What to Look Forward to in 2019

Lekker Bike By The Beach

First and foremost from the Lekker Crew, we’d love to wish you all a very happy new year. We trust that your festive season was not only spent on electric bikes and Lekker accessories but most importantly spent with family and friends. Here at Lekker, we have loads to look forward to in 2019 – […]

Happy New Year From Lekker

Here at Lekker Bikes, we wish you a very happy new year! Not only is it a very special occasion for us, with the introduction of some amazing new designs and technologies such as our new ebike range, but with this – within Australia, we’re blessed with some glorious weather to enjoy throughout the next […]

Building Cycling Cities: Going Dutch Around The World!

During November, the city of Sydney held a rather important event – surrounding the planning and implementation of cycle-based and cycle-friendly infrastructure throughout cities. As you may have already experienced yourself, or, from a well-travelled friend, there is one city, in particular, that seems to stand out from the rest – Amsterdam. In the Netherlands […]

Christmas Message From The Lekker Family

Merry Christmas from Lekker Bikes! Firstly, we’d like to begin by wishing you readers a very Merry Christmas! At Lekker, we understand that Christmas is more than just a time for gift giving and receiving (such as bicycles!). Rather more importantly, it’s a time to spend with family and with friends, and originally and still […]