Our Story

Born in Amsterdam, raised in Australia. Founded in 2009, its the fresh aesthetics, highest quality workmanship and comfortable approach to cycling that defines our bikes. Expressed seamlessly through a combination of elements taken from both Dutch cycling heritage and Australian beach culture. We care about the way we get around town everyday, about that amazing feeling of freedom while riding around. It’s a way to enjoy your city, journey and destination. We love that!

It was Dutch globetrotter Meindert Wolfraad who set foot on Australian soil one sunny afternoon in 2009. First stop: Bondi Beach.

He liked what he found there. Here was a place where he could surf, relax with a beer, and practice his English with beautiful people every day. Australia was easygoing, fun, and friendly. Meindert was sold.

But there was just one thing missing … His bicycle.

Australia had bikes, sure. But they weren’t like his bike. He wanted a quality bicycle. A retro-style bike that will never go out of fashion. An urban commuter bike he could ride to and from the beach, to uni, to the market, to his mate’s house, and then home. And he wanted to look good doing it. Meindert wanted a classic Dutch bicycle.

He looked hard. But despite its relaxed, easygoing culture, he could not find something that embodied the Amsterdam cycling culture in Australia. So he turned to some Dutch friends, and bought a bike from them.

As Meindert cruised around on his new Dutch bike, Australians liked what they saw. They liked it so much, they wanted a vintage-style Dutch commuter bicycle of their own.

So Meindert resolved to bring the free and easy Dutch style of getting around to Australia. But more than that, he wanted to bring Australia a quality, beautiful, stylish and, above all, cool bicycle that they would ride and look like a dream.

One word sprung to mind: LEKKER.

Lekker is a common Dutch word that means beautiful, tasty, cool, stylish, and sexy. Meindert wanted these bikes to be LEKKER.

Since then, LEKKER has continued to bring the free and easy Dutch style of getting around to not just Australia, but also around the world. Belgium, Germany, Spain, France Italy, the UK, the USA, Singapore, and even the Netherlands are now all enjoying the LEKKER way of cycling.

LEKKER opened its first flagship store in Melbourne in 2014, in an airy converted warehouse in the inner north. An Amsterdam and Sydney store soon followed.

LEKKER is a way to enjoy your city, your journey and your destination. We love that!

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