About Us

Born in Amsterdam, Raised in Australia

The fresh aesthetics, high quality workmanship
and desire for comfort that defines our bikes.

Launched early 2009, our Amsterdam based bicycle brand LEKKER has captured the attention of urban cyclist worldwide. We have taken the widely acclaimed Dutch Bicycle Design – that has been part of our culture since 1885 – and added modern day technology to offer everything a daily commuter could simply ask for. This resulted in a striking range of LEKKER Bicycles to inspire the world to embrace cycling like the Dutch.

It was founder Meindert who left Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach and immediately fell in love with all that Australia has to offer. But, there was just one thing missing: his bicycle.

A commuter bike that he could ride to and from the beach, to Varsity, to the market, to his buddy’s house, and then home. Meindert wanted a Dutch-design bike, but finding such a two-wheeler proved to be difficult, and he ended up buying a bike from one of his Dutch friends.

Enthusiastic responses to his bike from Australians inspired him to bring a quality, beautiful, stylish and, above all, cool bicycle to Down Under. He wanted to create a bike that would ride and look like a dream. The series of bikes took shape in late 2009. No word could better describe what he had always envisaged the bike to be: LEKKER. In other words: Born in Amsterdam, Raised in Australia.

Lekker Amsterdam Elite

Our Mission

Taking our inspiration from our own Dutch cycling heritage, added with the experience of living in the midst of a bicycle revolution on the shores of Australia, we have blended latest technology, chicest trends and feedback from urban cyclists worldwide to fulfill our mission: to provide people with a bicycle at a reasonable price without sacrificing the most important aspects of enjoyable riding – quality and aesthetics.

Lekker Amsterdam Elite

Expressed seamlessly through a combination of elements taken from both Dutch cycling heritage and Australian beach culture we at LEKKER care about the way you get around town every day. It’s simply the best possible way to enjoy your city, journey, and destination.

We love that!